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The Viewing Logs list films I've seen in the time period in question, usually in reverse chronological order.

If the feature film listed is less than four years old, the year that accompanies it is the year of its release in Toronto. If the feature is older or if it has not been released in Toronto, the year listed is derived from the IMDB. In the latter case, the year is preceded by the characters 'nr'. TV movies are listed by year of first broadcast and are preceded by the characters 'tv'. Years for short films are retrieved from wherever I can find information.

tv = I saw the movie on television
video = I saw the movie on videotape
dvd = I saw the movie on dvd
ld = I saw the movie on laserdisc
infl = I saw the movie on a plane
instl = I saw the movie as a gallery installation
net = I saw the movie streamed on the internet
vp = I saw the movie projected from a video source
qba = print/video quality below average
3d = the movie was in 3-D
r = repeat viewing -- I had previously seen the movie sometime in my adult life
pre = pre-release viewing -- I saw the movie in advance of its release to Toronto theatres
tiff = I saw the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival
fest = I saw the movie at a film festival other than TIFF
ot = I saw the movie outside of Toronto
orig = I saw the original-language version
dub = I saw the English-dubbed version
tntv = tentative grade; I was considerably distracted during the screening or missed significant sections of the film
wo = I walked out before it finished
z = I nodded off during a small portion of the film, but I don't think I missed enough to alter my grade
zzz = I slept through a considerable portion of the film, so take my grade with a grain of salt

Confused by my idiosyncratic 5-star rating system? Here's an explanation.

My Scale What It Means Letter Grade 4-Star Scale Pro/Mixed/Con
5 / 5 All-time great A+ 4 Pro
4.5 / 5 One of the year's best A
4.25 / 5 Damn good A- 3.5
4 / 5 Very good B+
3.75 / 5 Quite good
3.5 / 5 Good B 3
3.25 / 5 Decent
3 / 5 Ok B- 2.5 Mixed
2.75 / 5 Almost, but not quite C+
2.5 / 5 Has its moments C 2 Con
2 / 5 Not good C- 1.5
1.5 / 5 Very bad D 1
1 / 5 Dire F 0