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Also This Week:   The Addams Family     Doctor Sleep     Downton Abbey     Downtown Abbey     Judy     The Lighthouse     Linda Ronstadt: The Sound Of My Voice     Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson And The Band     Pain & Glory
As always, remember to call ahead; programmes are subject to change.

The Addams Family
The Fox   Dec 6  1:30pm,   Dec 7  1:45pm.
Doctor Sleep
The Fox   Dec 5  9:15pm.
The Revue   Dec 15  9:30pm,   Dec 16  9:30pm,   Dec 17  9:30pm,   Dec 19  9:30pm.
Downton Abbey
The Revue   Dec 5  6:45pm,   Dec 6  6:45pm,   Dec 7  1:00pm,   Dec 8  1:00pm,   Dec 8  6:45pm,   Dec 9  6:45pm,   Dec 12  9:30pm,   Dec 13  6:45pm.
Downtown Abbey
The Fox   Dec 6  6:30pm,   Dec 7  6:45pm,   Dec 8  7:00pm,   Dec 10  4:00pm,   Dec 11  9:00pm.
The Good Liar
The Fox   Dec 13  6:45pm,   Dec 14  6:45pm,   Dec 15  6:45pm,   Dec 16  9:15pm,   Dec 19  4:00pm.
The Fox   Dec 6  3:45pm,   Dec 10  6:45pm,   Dec 12  4:00pm.
Last Christmas
The Fox   Dec 13  9:15pm,   Dec 14  9:15pm,   Dec 15  9:15pm,   Dec 16  6:45pm,   Dec 17  4:00pm,   Dec 19  9:15pm.
The Lighthouse
The Fox   Dec 5  6:45pm,   Dec 6  9:15pm,   Dec 7  9:30pm,   Dec 8  9:30pm,   Dec 10  9:15pm,   Dec 12  9:45pm.
The Revue   Dec 5  9:30pm,   Dec 6  9:30pm,   Dec 10  9:30pm,   Dec 14  6:45pm.
Linda Ronstadt: The Sound Of My Voice
The Revue   Dec 11  4:00pm,   Dec 16  6:45pm.
Marriage Story
The Fox   Dec 13  4:00pm,   Dec 16  9:00pm,   Dec 17  6:30pm.
Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson And The Band
The Fox   Dec 8  5:00pm,   Dec 11  6:45pm.
The Revue   Dec 9  4:00pm.
Pain & Glory
The Revue   Dec 8  9:30pm,   Dec 11  9:30pm.
The Fox   Dec 18  9:00pm,   Dec 19  6:30pm.
Western Stars
The Fox   Dec 14  1:45pm,   Dec 18  7:00pm.

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