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Another Chance
New This Week:   All Quiet On The Western Front     Broker
Also This Week:   The Banshees Of Inisherin     Everything Everywhere All At Once     TAR     Triangle Of Sadness     The Whale
As always, remember to call ahead; programmes are subject to change.

All Quiet On The Western Front
Lightbox   Feb 5  6:35pm.
The Banshees Of Inisherin
The Fox   Feb 2  4:15pm,   Feb 4  1:10pm,   Feb 6  9:30pm,   Feb 9  4:00pm.
The Revue   Feb 2  9:30pm.
The Revue   Feb 3  6:30pm,   Feb 5  4:30pm,   Feb 6  4:30pm,   Feb 7  5:00pm.
Everything Everywhere All At Once
Lightbox   Feb 3  8:30pm.
The Fox   Feb 7  9:30pm,   Feb 8  9:40pm.
The Fox   Feb 3  6:00pm,   Feb 5  6:00pm,   Feb 6  6:15pm.
Triangle Of Sadness
Lightbox   Feb 7  8:35pm.
The Whale
The Fox   Feb 3  3:15pm,   Feb 5  12:50pm,   Feb 7  4:15pm.

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