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Another Chance
New This Week:   The Greatest Showman     I, Tonya     Wonder Woman (IMAX)
Also This Week:   All The Money In The World     Call Me By Your Name     Coco     Dunkirk (IMAX 70mm)     Ferdinand     The Florida Project     Get Out     Lady Bird     Phantom Thread
As always, remember to call ahead; programmes are subject to change.

All The Money In The World
The Revue   Feb 16  6:45pm,   Feb 17  6:45pm,   Feb 18  4:00pm,   Feb 18  10:00pm,   Feb 19  6:45pm,   Feb 21  6:45pm,   Feb 22  9:30pm.
The Big Sick
Cinesphere   Mar 2  9:45pm,   Mar 3  9:45pm,   Mar 4  9:45pm.
Blade Runner 2049 (IMAX)
Cinesphere   Feb 23  9:45pm,   Feb 24  9:45pm,   Feb 25  9:45pm.
Call Me By Your Name
The Revue   Feb 15  9:30pm,   Feb 21  9:30pm.
The Royal   Feb 17  9:30pm,   Feb 20  9:00pm,   Feb 25  4:00pm.
The Revue   Feb 16  1:30pm,   Feb 17  1:30pm,   Feb 18  1:30pm,   Feb 19  1:30pm.
Dunkirk (IMAX 70mm)
Cinesphere   Feb 16  6:45pm,   Feb 17  6:45pm,   Feb 18  6:45pm,   Feb 19  6:45pm.
The Fox   Feb 16  2:00pm,   Feb 18  2:00pm,   Feb 19  2:00pm.
The Revue   Feb 16  4:00pm.
The Royal   Feb 17  1:00pm,   Feb 18  2:00pm.
The Florida Project
The Revue   Feb 16  9:30pm,   Feb 17  9:30pm,   Feb 19  9:30pm.
Cinesphere   Mar 2  6:45pm,   Mar 3  6:45pm,   Mar 4  6:45pm.
Get Out
The Fox   Feb 21  9:00pm,   Feb 22  9:15pm.
Cinesphere   Feb 23  6:45pm,   Feb 24  6:45pm,   Feb 25  6:45pm.
The Greatest Showman
The Fox   Feb 16  4:15pm,   Feb 16  7:00pm,   Feb 17  7:00pm,   Feb 18  7:00pm,   Feb 19  4:00pm,   Feb 19  7:00pm,   Feb 20  7:00pm.
I, Tonya
The Fox   Feb 16  9:00pm,   Feb 17  4:30pm,   Feb 17  9:00pm,   Feb 18  4:15pm,   Feb 18  9:00pm,   Feb 19  9:00pm,   Feb 20  9:00pm,   Feb 21  6:45pm,   Feb 22  7:00pm.
Lady Bird
The Revue   Feb 15  6:45pm,   Feb 19  4:00pm.
The Fox   Feb 15  9:15pm.
Phantom Thread
The Fox   Feb 15  6:45pm.
Wonder Woman (IMAX)
Cinesphere   Feb 16  9:45pm,   Feb 17  9:45pm,   Feb 18  9:45pm,   Feb 19  9:45pm.

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