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Jan 23
- Mar 11
Best Of The Decade: An Alternative View @ Lightbox
Top picks from the 2010's, with a bend towards artiness. This week:
Zama (2017, Argentina/Brazil/Spain/France/Netherlands/Mexico/Portugal/USA, D: Lucrecia Martel) -- Jan 23, 6:30pm
Goodbye To Language (2014, France, D: Jean-Luc Godard) (3D) -- Jan 24, 6:30pm
Toni Erdmann (2016, Germany, D: Maren Ade) -- Jan 25, 3:00pm
The Assassin (2015, Taiwan, D: Hou Hsiao-Hsien) -- Jan 25, 6:15pm
Transit (2018, Germany, D: Christian Petzold) -- Jan 26, 3:20pm
Sieranevada (2016, Romania, D: Cristi Puiu) -- Jan 26, 5:40pm
Film Socialisme (2010, France/Switzerland, D: Jean-Luc Godard) -- Jan 29, 6:30pm
Holy Motors (2012, France, D: Leos Carax) -- Jan 30, 6:20pm
Jan 24 - 26
The 8 Fest @ SPK
Small-gauge filmmaking.
Jan 24
Catherine The Great: In Praise Of Catherine O'Hara @ Lightbox
The Canadian comedy legend is feted with four of her finest features. This week:
Best In Show (2000, USA, D: Christopher Guest) -- Jan 24, 4:30pm
Jan 26
Art, Architecture, Design Film Festival @ Hot Docs
Shape the world. This week:
Finn With An Oyster (2015, Canada, D: Michael Kainer) -- Jan 23, 4:00pm
City Dreamers (2018, Canada, D: Joseph Hillel) -- Jan 23, 7:00pm
Integral Man (2017, Canada, D: Joseph Clement) -- Jan 24, 1:00pm
The Gardener (2016, Canada, D: Sebastien Chabot) -- Jan 24, 3:30pm
The Price Of Everything (2018, Canada, D: Nathaniel Kahn) -- Jan 24, 6:00pm
The Maestro And The Master: Building The New Marlinsky (2014, Canada, D: Yosif Feyginberg) -- Jan 25, 3:00pm
Beyond The Visible: Hilma af Klint (2019, Germany/Sweden/Switzerland/UK, D: Halina Dyrschka) -- Jan 25, 5:30pm
Gateways To New York: Othmar H. Ammann And His Bridges (2019, Switzerland, D: Martin Witz) -- Jan 26, 1:30pm
Coast Modern (2012, Canada/USA, D: Mike Bernard & Gavin Froome) -- Jan 26, 4:00pm
Eames: The Architect And The Painter (2011, USA, D: Jason Cohn & Bill Jersey) -- Jan 26, 6:00pm
One-Offs And Short Runs
Jan 23 Brain Candy (1996, Canada, D: Kelly Makin)   Squishy Freak Frolic Film Nite
The sketch troupe targets anti-depressants and the pharmaceutical industry.
@ Eyesore Cinema 8:00pm
Jan 23 Gone To Earth (1950, UK, D: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger)   Ladies Of Burlesque
A beautiful, animal-loving country girl is desired by a self-centered squire. Screening in its original British version. Plus: a burlesque performance by Delicia Pastiche.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jan 23 The Plagiarists (2019, USA, D: Peter Parlow)   Wavelengths
The rescue of white urban creatives from a breakdown by an older Black man reveals cultural preconceptions and expectations.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Jan 24
- Feb 1
The Karate Kid (1984, USA, D: John G. Avildsen)   Flashback Film Series
"Wax on, wax off." Pat Morita teaches Ralph Macchio the ways of kung fu.
@ Cineplex
Jan 24
- Jan 30
Monty Python's Life Of Brian (1979, UK, D: Terry Jones)
"Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true." The Pythons send up the messiah. At one time busted on charges of blasphemy!
@ Yonge & Dundas
Jan 24 Tokyo Olympiad (1965, Japan, D: Kon Ichikawa)   Tokyo & Sports    Free!
Look forward to this summer's Olympic games with Ichikawa's record of the 1964 edition.
@ Japan Foundation 6:30pm
Jan 24 Scenes From A Marriage (1974, Sweden, D: Ingmar Bergman)   FFF    Free!
A couple makes its way through the stages of a romantic relationship - marriage, cheating, divorce and moving on.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Jan 24
Jan 25
The Breakfast Club (1985, USA, D: John Hughes)
"You see us as you want to see us ... in the simplest terms ... in the most convenient definitions." With Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy.
@ Cinesphere
Jan 24
Jan 25
Found Footage Festival - Vol. 9
Other people's garbage is your treat - from hose factory home movies to a recording of a Wisconsin teen beauty pagent.
@ The Royal
Jan 24 International Vegan Film Festival
Plant cinema.
@ Hot Docs 8:30pm
Jan 24 Deep Red (1975, Italy, D: Dario Argento)   Fear Is Free Fridays    Free!
Don't Torture A Duckling (1972, Italy, D: Lucio Fulci)
Fear x 2, giallo-style.
@ The Kingsway 8:45pm
Jan 24 Psycho (1960, USA, D: Alfred Hitchcock)   The New American Nightmare
"A boy's best friend is his mother." On-the-run Janet Leigh runs into a spot of trouble at the Bates Motel. Sady Doyle provides a feminsist look at the film's female archetypes.
@ Lightbox 8:45pm
Jan 24 The Great Spirit (2019, Italy, D: Sergio Rubini)   L'Altra Italia
A burglar double-crossing his accomplices stumbles across an unexpected person in his hideout.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Jan 24
Jan 25
Weird Science (1985, USA, D: John Hughes)   Drunken Cinema
"Making a girl. Actually making a girl. Like Frankenstein ... except cuter." Plus: drinking games!
@ The Revue
Jan 25 On The Waterfront (1954, USA, D: Elia Kazan)   Cineplex Classic Film Series
Ex-boxer Brando reconsiders his allegiances after witnessing a murder by corrupt union goons.
@ Cineplex
Jan 25 Ponyo (1988, Japan, D: Hayao Miyazaki)   Family Pics
A goldfish princess is pursued by her sea-wizard father when she assumes human form ... for love.
@ The Paradise 11:00am
Jan 25 Nanny McPhee (2005, UK/USA/France, D: Kirk Jones)   Family Favourites
A magic governess utilizes her powers to bring the children in her care into line.
@ Cineplex 11:00am
Jan 25 The Color Of Pomegranates (1968, Armenia, D: Sergei Parajanov)   From Noir To New Wave: A Tribute To The Film Foundation
The life of Armenian poet Sayat Nova is rendered in images iconic, earthy, pagan, Christian, medieval and modern.
@ Lightbox 1:00pm
Jan 25 The Iron Giant (1999, USA, D: Brad Bird)   Throwback Cinema
A boy befriends a giant robot as goverment agents try to ferret out its location. "Sooooperman ..."
@ The Revue 1:30pm
Jan 25 Nobody Waved Goodbye (1964, Canada, D: Don Owen)   Toronto Plays Itself
A young man finds making his way in '60s Toronto more daunting than it looked from his suburban enclave.
@ The Paradise 2:00pm
Jan 25
Jan 26
Free Solo (IMAX) (2018, USA, D: Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi)
Rock climber Alex Honnold scales Yosemite's El Capitan Wall.
@ Cinesphere
Jan 25 Safety Last! (1923, USA, D: Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor)
Harold Lloyd finds himself hanging from a clock when he seeks fortune in the big city. With live musical accompaniment by Marilyn Lerner. Presented by the Toronto Silent Film Festival.
@ The Fox 4:30pm
Jan 25 Men From The Gutter (1983, Hong Kong, D: Ngai Choi Lam)   Hong Kong Extreme
The Seventh Curse (1986, Hong Kong, D: Ng Choi Lam)
Happy Chinese New Year! Cops vs gangsters, Chow Yun-Fat vs flying demon baby.
@ Eyesore Cinema 7:00pm
Jan 25 Marie Antoinette (2006, USA/France, D: Sofia Coppola)
France's doomed queen revels in decadence.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Jan 25 The Room (2003, USA, D: Tommy Wiseau)
The infamy. Bring spoons!
@ Carlton 11:00pm
Jan 26 How To Train Your Dragon (2010, USA, D: Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders)   Family Pics
A Viking child learns to be friends with rather than fear the dragons his clan raises him to hunt. The second show will be a 'relaxed' screening.
@ The Paradise 10:00am, 1:00pm
Jan 26 The Shop Around The Corner (1940, USA, D: Ernst Lubitsch)   Call Me Jimmy: The Films Of James Stewart
Squabbling shop employees unintentionally connect as anonymous romantic correspondents.
@ Lightbox 1:00pm
Jan 26 Fear In The Night (1947, USA, D: Maxwell Shane)   TFS
Kid Monk Baroni (1952, USA, D: Harold Schuster)
Trekkers unite! DeForest Kelley begins to believe his dream of murder was no dream; street tough Leonard Nimoy turns to boxing.
@ The Kingsway 2:00pm
Jan 26 Partners (1976, Canada, D: Don Owen)   Toronto Film Review Presents
The daughter of a murdered businessman fights back against those who would usurp his trade. Owen's son Andrew will be in attendance.
@ Media Commons 2:30pm
Jan 26 Waiting For Guffman (1996, USA, D: Christopher Guest)   The Second City At 60
Guest and company send up small-town community theatre.
@ The Paradise 3:15pm
Jan 26 The Golem (1920, Germany, D: Paul Wegener)   Silent Revue
A Rabbi creates a living clay creature to protect the Jewish people.
@ The Revue 4:00pm
Jan 26 What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire (2018, Italy/France/USA, D: Roberto Minervini)   Black Gold
New Orleans' African Americans attempt to keep their head above water in our current moment of violence and injustice. Plus: Skype Q&A with subject Judy Hill.
@ The Royal 4:00pm
Jan 26
Canada's Top Ten Shorts Programme 1
Canada's Top Ten Shorts Programme 2
The cream of 2019's Canadian short stuff - including new films from Michael Snow, Brandon Cronenberg and Chloe Robichaud - as chosen by TIFF.
@ Lightbox
Jan 26 Tales From The Big Smoke   Toronto Plays Itself
Shorts from the last 60+ years provide myriad vantage points from which to view our beloved Toronto.
@ The Paradise 6:00pm
Jan 26 Brazil (1985, UK, D: Terry Gilliam)   Martian Crisis Unit
A daydreaming bureaucrat's attempt to correct a government mistake makes him an enemy of the state.
@ Eyesore Cinema 8:00pm
Jan 26 The Taste Of Tea (2004, Japan, D: Katsuhito Ishii)   Eastern Promises
Visit the rurally-situated Haruno family and witness their slightly strange lives. Good vibes promised!
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jan 27 Ruling Out Art: Media Art Meets Law In Ontario Censor Wars    Free!
Taryn Sirove discusses Ontario's historical censorship of art films and the resulting legal challenges, timely agsin due to the provincial government's in-progress changes to the OFRB. Sirove's book will be for sale at the event.
@ The Revue 7:00pm
Jan 27 The Twentieth Century (2019, Canada, D: Matthew Rankin)
"Do more than your duty, expect less than your right." Young William Lyon Mackenzie King must overcome his hidden perversions and do battle with Quebecois populists to put himself on the path to power. A selection for TIFF Midnight Madness 2019. Chosen for Canada's Top Ten 2019.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jan 28 Take This Waltz (2011, Canada, D: Sarah Polley)   Babes In Paradise
Married Michelle Williams begins an affair with a neighbourhood artist.
@ The Paradise 11:00am
Jan 28 Man Proposes, God Disposes (2017, Canada/Poland/Brazil, D: Daniel Leo)
When a one-night stand turns into pregnancy, the would-be father leaves his native Poland for Brazil to pursue some kind of relationship.
@ The Paradise 6:30pm
Jan 28 Monkey Warfare (2006, Canada, D: Reginald Harkema)   Toronto Plays Itself
A pair of scroungers inspire their dope dealer to political action. Director Harkema will be joined by actor Don McKellar and producers Jennifer Jonas and Leonard Farlinger for post-film discussion.
@ The Paradise 9:00pm
Jan 29 Big Night (1996, USA, D: Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci)   Food In Film
An Italian restaurant pins its fortunes on one big meal.
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Jan 29 Falls Around Her (2018, Canada, D: Darlene Naponse)    Free!
An indigenous musician finds it tough to keep the world at bay even when she returns to the reserve for a much-needed break. With Tantoo Cardinal. Screening for Bell Let's Talk Day. A workshop on mindful art-making precedes the film at 4:00pm.
@ Lightbox 7:00pm
Jan 29 Goin' Down The Road (1970, Canada, D: Donald Shebib)   Toronto Plays Itself
A pair of Easterners find the good times are only fleeting in the big, cold city. Director Donald Shebib and star Jayne Eastwood will be in attendance.
@ The Paradise 7:00pm
Jan 29 Blue Collar (1978, USA, D: Paul Schrader)   Neon Dreams
Working stiffs Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel and Yaphet Kotto discover corruption when they hatch a plot to rob their union.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jan 30 Pet Sematary (1989, USA, D: Mary Lambert)   We Really Like Her
"I don't wanna be buried/in a pet sematary/I don't want to live my life again." The buried dead return ... wrong.
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Jan 30 I Shot Andy Warhol (1996, USA, D: Mary Harron)   Bechdel Tested
Would-be playwright Valerie Solonas' association with Warhol's factory scene turns violent. Plus: pre-show revenge tales.
@ The Royal 7:30pm
Jan 30 Toronto Hides Itself (2019, Canada, D: Alexandra Anderson)   See The North    Free!
Hollywood's use of anonymous Toronto contrasts with local filmmakers' portrayal of their hometown. Director in attendance.
@ Lightbox 9:15pm

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