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May 17
Camera Work: The Cinema Of Lynne Ramsay @ Lightbox
Scottish filmmaker Ramsay's small but vital ouevre attracts top talent by packing a punch. This week:
Morvern Callar (2002, UK, D: Lynne Ramsy)
    + Kill The Day (1996, UK, D: Lynne Ramsy) -- May 17, 3:45pm
May 17
Vaughan Film Festival @ Vaughan
Indie cinema in the suburbs.
May 22
Wayward Heroes: A Survey of Modern Icelandic Cinema @ Lightbox
Idiosyncratic cinema of the isolated north. This week:
Golden Sands (1984, Iceland, D: Agust Gudmundsson) -- May 16, 6:30pm
Jar City (2006, Iceland/Denmark/Germany, D: Baltasar Kormakur) -- May 17, 6:30pm
When The Raven Flies (1984, Iceland/Sweden, D: Hrafn Gunnlaugsson) -- May 18, 6:15pm
Noi The Albino (2003, Iceland/England/Denmark/Germany, D: Dagur Kari) -- May 19, 3:25pm
Life In A Fishbowl (2014, Iceland/Finland/Sweden/Czech Republic, D: Baldvin Z) -- May 21, 9:00pm
Under The Glacier (1989, Iceland, D: Gudny Halldorsdottir) -- May 22, 6:30pm
Rams (2015, Iceland, D: Grimur Hakonarson) -- May 22, 8:30pm
May 23
- Jun 2
Inside Out Lesbian And Gay Film Festival @ Lightbox
Eleven days of the queer cinematic experience.
May 24
- Jun 2
Reel Abilities
Cinema by and about people with disabilities.
One-Offs And Short Runs
May 16 Passion (2008, Japan, D: Ryusuke Hamaguchi)   Theatre Of Emotions    Free!
The announcement of an engagement reveals unexpected emotional fault lines amongst a group of friends. A master class with Hamaguchi will follow the movie.
@ Japan Foundation 2:00pm
May 16 Christopher Plummer: A Memoir (2019, Canada)
Canadian theatre legend Christopher Plummer speaks about his life's work on stage and screen. Free, but donations to Theatre Museum Canada are encouraged.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
May 16 Instant Dreams (2017, Netherlands, D: Willem Baptist)
The humble Polaroid camera brings instant photography to the masses before it is supplanted by the arrival of digital photography.
@ The Fox 7:00pm
May 16 Future Of Film Showcase
Emerging filmmakers, new films.
@ Scotiabank 7:30pm
May 16 Brazil (1985, UK, D: Terry Gilliam)   Designing The Movies
A daydreaming bureaucrat's attempt to correct a government mistake makes him an enemy of the state. Plus: a conversation about expressionism and maximalism.
@ The Revue 8:00pm
May 16
May 19
The Beyond (1981, Italy, D: Lucio Fulci)   Italian Cultural Institute
Fulci opens the doorway to hell.
@ The Royal
May 16 Timesweep (1987, USA, D: Dan Diefenderfer)   It's About Time
A derelict movie studio collapses time into a temporal death trap.
@ Eyesore Cinema 8:30pm
May 16
- May 19
The Shining (1980, USA, D: Stanley Kubrick)
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Kubrick does King. Showtimes: May 16, 9:00pm; May 17, 8:45pm; May 18, 8:45pm; May 19, 6:00pm.
@ Lightbox
May 16 Your Face (2018, Taiwan, D: Tsai Ming-Liang)   MDFF Presents
Tsai gazes at faces. Plus: short Good Boy with director Fantavious Fritz in attendance.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
May 17
May 18
May 21
What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek Deep Space Nine (2018, USA, D: Ira Steven Behr & David Zappone)
Star Trek's edgy-at-the-time spin-off is fondly remembered by its fans even after the passage of two decades.
@ Cineplex
May 17
May 19
May 22
Sid & Nancy (1986, USA, D: Alex Cox)
"What about the farewell drugs?" Punk rock junkie love kills.
@ Cineplex
May 17
- May 23
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1984, USA, D: Steven Spielberg)
Indy takes India.
@ Cineplex
May 17
May 18
May 19
Kong: Skull Island (IMAX 3D) (2017, USA, D: Jordan Vogt-Roberts)
Scientists exploring Pacific islands encounter the biggedt ape of them all.
@ Cinesphere
May 17
The Omen (1976, USA, D: Richard Donner)
The Exorcist (1973, USA, D: William Friedkin)
Satan! Antichrist; possession.
@ Grand Gerrard
May 17 Hyenas (1992, Senegal/Switzerland/France/UK, D: Djibril Diop Mambety)   Black Gold
A rich woman returns to her hometown to offer her wealth in exchange for the head of the most popular citizen. 4K restoration!
@ The Royal 8:00pm
May 17 Season Of The Witch (1972, USA, D: George A. Romero)   Fear Is Free Fridays
Pumpkinhead (1988, USA, D: Stan Winston)
Fear x 2.
@ The Kingsway 8:45pm
May 17
May 18
May 24
The Lost Boys (1987, USA, D: Joel Schumacher)   Drunken Cinema
New kids in town discover its vampire-infested secret. Plus: drinking games!
@ The Revue
May 18
May 21
Shadow Of A Doubt (1943, USA, D: Alfred Hitchcock)   Cineplex Classic Film Series
A child suspects her beloved uncle is up to no good.
@ Cineplex
May 18 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018, USA, D: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey & Rodney Rottman)   Family Favourites
Teen Miles Morales' newfound spider-based superpowers find company in a multi-verse of Spider-Men (and women) who find themselves pulled into his universe.
@ Cineplex 11:00am
May 18 Five Feet Apart (2019, USA, D: Justin Baldoni)
Teens with CF meet-cute while undergoing treatment. A fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.
@ The Fox 1:30pm
May 18 The Big Heat (1953, USA, D: Fritz Lang)
Detective Glenn Ford rages against a mob boss with ties to the police force. With Lee Marvin and Gloria Grahame.
@ Lightbox 1:45pm
May 18 The Ruins (Khandhar) (1984, India, D: Mrinal Sen)
A photographer plays the role of promised husband to a young woman he finds waiting for marriage in an dilapitated village.
@ Lightbox 4:00pm
May 18 The Wild Bunch (1969, USA, D: Sam Peckinpah)   Stompbox
"If they move, kill 'em!" Outlaws run up against the civilizing of the American frontier. Live score by Sook-Yin Lee and friends!
@ The Royal 8:00pm
May 18 A Lizard In A Woman's Skin (1971, Italy, D: Lucio Fulci)   Colin Geddes' Kinovortex
The daughter of a politician comes under suspicion of murder when her neighbour is killed along the lines of one of the girl's vivid, depraved dreams.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
May 19 Detour (1945, USA, D: Edgar G. Ulmer)
A man hitch-hiking his way to Los Angeles ends up framed for a murder rap by the fickle finger of fate. Restored!
@ Lightbox 1:15pm
May 19 Red-Headed Woman (1932, USA, D: Jack Conway)   TFS
Wonder Bar (1934, USA, D: Lloyd Bacon)
Affairs! Harlow seduces to climb the social ladder; dance team Dolores del Rio and Ricardo Cortez are broken up by the latter's affection for Kay Francis.
@ The Kingsway 2:00pm
May 19 King Creole (1958, USA, D: Michael Curtiz)
Elvis' rise from busboy to performer at a New Orleans nightclub attracts the attention of the local gangsters.
@ The Revue 4:00pm
May 19 Jawbreaker (1999, USA, D: Darren Stein)   Allysin Chaynes Presents
A high-school clique accidentally kill their queen bee. Expect booze, drunk commentary and surprises.
@ The Royal 8:30pm
May 20 Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Resurrection (2019, Japan, D: Goro Taniguchi)
A terrorist attack threatens to disrupt the peace found by a war-torn world. Screening subbed or dubbed depending on the day.
@ Cineplex
May 20 Rembrandt: From The National Gallery And Rijkmuseum (2015, UK, D: Kat Mansoor)   In The Gallery
Immerse yourself in the final years of Rembrandt's career.
@ Cineplex
May 20
May 21
May 22
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind (1984, Japan, D: Hayao Miyazaki)
A brave princess tries to put a stop to a war between nations as her planet slowly dies. Screening dubbed or subbed depending on the day.
@ Cineplex
May 21 Black Fire UVA: Films by Kevin Jerome Everson & Claudrena N. Harold   Wavelengths    Free!
Everson, Harold and students of the University of Virginia create films dealing with the institution's legacy of education and empowerment.
@ Lightbox 6:30pm
May 21 Mouthpiece (2018, Canada, D: Patricia Rozema)   Member Premieres
A women manages her conflicting inner impulses, given voice by two actresses, as she prepares for her mother's funeral.
@ Lightbox 6:45pm
May 21 Run & Kill (1993, Hong Kong, D: Billy Tang)   Category III Calamaties
The drunken hiring of a hitman leads a man into violent gangland warfare.
@ Eyesore Cinema 8:00pm
May 21 Maheshinte Prathikaaram (Mahesh's Revenge) (2016, India, D: Dileesh Pothan)   Sanghum
A photographer's plan for revenge reveals small-town norms and hierarchies.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
May 21 Sugar Cookies (1973, USA, D: Theodore Gershuny)   Troma Tuesdays
A producer becomes the target of a revenge plot after he murders his leading lady.
@ Grand Gerrard 9:00pm
May 22 Wallace And Gromit: A Grand Day Out (1989, UK, D: Nick Park)   Moon Movies
Le Voyage Dans La Lune (1902, France, D: Georges Melies)
Cinema goes to the moon! First, via stop-motion animation. Second: via silent film-era in-camera trickery.
@ Aga Khan 6:00pm
May 22 Funny Girl (1968, USA, D: William Wyler)   Centre Stage
"A girl oughta have a sense of humour." Streisand plays turn-of-the-century comedienne Fanny Brice.
@ The Fox 6:30pm
May 22 Volver (2006, Spain, D: Pedro Almodovar)   Food In Film
The dead return, the living die and old family secrets are revealed when families reach a turning point. Plus: food from Ixiim!
@ The Revue 6:45pm
May 22
May 23
The Cat Has Nine Lives (1968, West Germany, D: Ula Stöckl)
The Sleep Of Reason (1984, West Germany, D: Ula Stöckl)
U of T's Germany Film Symposium welcomes Ula Stöckl and her feminst films. Wed: a group of women navigate the vagaries of desire and the need for sisterhood. Thu: the myth of Medea is updated to incorporate views on the pharmaceutical industry and its birth control pill.
@ Innis Town Hall
May 22 Have You Seen My Movie? (2016, Canada/UK, D: Paul Anton Smith)
Clips tells the story of the movie experience for both those in the seats and those in the projection booth. From the assistant editor of The Clock!
@ Lightbox 7:00pm
May 22 Tonsler Park (2017, USA, D: Kevin Jerome Everson)   Vertical Features
Election officers in Charlottesville Virginia, many of them Black, perform their duties on voting day 2016. Director in attendance!
@ AGO 7:00pm
May 22 Saint Bernard (2013, USA/France, D: Gabriel Bartalos)   Cinemacabre
An orchestra conductor succumbs to psychosis.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
May 22 Torque (2004, USA, D: Joseph Kahn)   Excessive Cinema
Thai gangsters have their sights set on nabbing a hotshot motorcyclist. The debut from the director of Detention and Bodied.
@ Grand Gerrard 9:30pm
May 23 I'm Going To Break Your Heart (2019, Canada, D: Jim Morrison & Annie Bradley)
Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk make music together while working on the rocky patches in their marriage.
@ Cineplex
May 23 Memories Of Origin: Hiroshi Sugimoto (2011, Japan, D: Yuko Nakamura)    Free!
Kochuu: Japanese Architecture - Influence And Origin (2006, Japan, D: Jesper Wachtmeister)
Buildings! Conceptual artist Hiroshi Sugimoto forges forward into the realm of architecture and performance art; moden Japanese architecture aims to unite the old and the now.
@ Japan Foundation 6:30pm
May 23 One Sings, The Other Doesn't (1977, France/Venezuela, D: Agnes Varda)   Ladies Of Burlesque
A pair of women renew their past connection. Screening in memory of Varda's recent passing. Plus: a live burleaque performance from Loretta Jean.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
May 23 The Corruptor (1999, USA, D: James Foley)   Trashterpiece Theatre
Asian NYC cop Chow Yun-Fat gets mixed up in Chinatown triad gang war.
@ Eyesore Cinema 9:00pm
May 23 Alien (1979, UK/USA, D: Ridley Scott)
"It's got a wonderful defense mechanism. You don't dare kill it."
@ The Revue 9:30pm
May 24
May 25
May 26
Arrival (2016, USA, D: Denis Villeneuve)
Linguist Amy Adams tries to decipher the intentions of aliens whose spaceships have suddenly appeared above our planet.
@ Cinesphere
May 24 Twisted Pair - A Neil Breen Film (2018, USA, D: Neil Breen)   Lobotomy Films
Twins become divergent A.I.s. The latest WTF outing from the director of Fateful Findings and Pass Thru.
@ Grand Gerrard 8:00pm
May 24 Commando (1985, USA, D: Mark R. Lester)   Neon Dreams
"Remember when I promised to kill you last?" Arnold Schwarzenegger quips his way to revenge on the mercenaries who have kidnapped his daughter.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
May 24 Communion (1989, USA, D: Philippe Mora)   Fear Is Free Fridays
Progeny (1998, USA, D: Brian Yuzna)
Fear x 2.
@ The Kingsway 8:45pm
May 24 Big Trouble In Little China (1986, USA, D: John Carpenter)
Motormouth vs. Chinatown.
@ The Fox 9:15pm
May 25 The Neverending Story (1984, Germany/USA, D: Wolfgang Petersen)   Mega Fun Movie Explosion!
A strange book is a boy's gateway to fantastic adventure.
@ The Royal 12:30pm
May 25 The Witches (1990, UK/USA, D: Nicolas Roeg)   Throwback Cinema
An orphan boy steps up to stop a gathering of witches from ridding England of all its children. Adapted from the Roald Dahl story.
@ The Revue 1:30pm
May 25 The Tin Drum (1979, West Germany/France/Poland/Yugoslavia, D: Volker Schlondorff)
A wise-beyond-his-years child refuses to grow older than three to protest the behaviour of the so-called adults in his life.
@ The Royal 3:30pm
May 25 Hot Rod (2007, USA, D: Akiva Schaffer)
Small-town man-child Andy Samberg believes himself to be a great stuntman.
@ Grand Gerrard 4:00pm
May 25 Dan Savage's Hump! Film Festival
Noted sex columnist Dan Savage selects short, kinky, and, above all, human smut.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm, 9:00pm
May 25 Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987, USA, D: Andy Sidaris)   Stompbox
Drug running, diamond smuggling and a radioactive snake provide the narrative backbone for big boobs and outlandish action. Plus: Skype Q&A with producer Arlene Sidaris.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
May 25 Street Fighter (1994, USA, D: Steven E. de Souza)   Dumpster Raccoon
Van Damme fights Raul Julia's minions. Plus: a pre-show performance and a Street Fighter videogame tournament!
@ The Revue 9:30pm
May 26 Kramer Vs. Kramer (1979, USA, D: Robert Benton)   Cineplex Classic Film Series
Divorcing couple Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep fight over custody of their son.
@ Cineplex
May 26 The Art Of Museums (2018, Germany, D: Various)   Doc Soup Sundays
Get to know the world's top cultural institutions. The AGO's Stephan Jost will be present for a Q&A.
@ Hot Docs 11:00am
May 26 Berlin: Symphony Of A Great City (1927, Germany, D: Walter Ruttmann)   Silent Revue
One day in the life of Weimar-era Berlin.
@ The Revue 4:00pm
May 26 Eyes Wide Shut (1999, UK/USA, D: Stanley Kubrick)
Discovery of his wife's fantasy of infidelity sends Tom Cruise on a dangerous journey into the city's sexual underworld.
@ Grand Gerrard 8:00pm

Compiled by Don Marks (contact)

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