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Feb 15 - 18
TIFF Next Wave @ Lightbox
World cinema for teens. And free for anyone under 25! This year's lineup includes a talk with Amandla Stenberg, a movie marathon featuring Bend It Like Beckham, Bring It On, Dazed And Confused, Attack The Block and Paris Is Burning, new films including Reel Asian audience choice Bad Genius and MDFF presentation Person To Person, the annual battle of the scores and more!
Feb 16 - 22
Winter Getaway @ Hot Docs
Leave the cold behind with these cinematic excursions to sunnier climes. This week:
City Of Gold (2015, USA, D: Laura Gabbert) -- Feb 16, 8:15pm
In Search Of Israeli Cuisine (2016, USA, D: Roger Sherman) -- Feb 17, 3:00pm
Buena Vista Social Club (1999, Cuba/Germany/USA/UK/France, D: Wim Wenders) -- Feb 18, 4:00pm
Kedi (2016, USA/Turkey, D: Ceyda Torun) -- Feb 19, 8:15pm
Sagrada: The Mystery Of Creation (2013, Switzerland, D: Stefan Haupt) -- Feb 20, 2:45pm
Divine Divas (2016, Brazil, D: Leandra Leal) -- Feb 20, 9:00pm
Palio (2015, UK, D: Cosima Spender) -- Feb 21, 3:30pm
Ella Brennan: Commanding The Table (2017, USA, D: Leslie Iwerks) -- Feb 22, 6:00pm
Feb 19
Family Day 2018 @ Lightbox
Three programs of shorts for the family that views together. This week:
Reel Rascals: Pack Your Bags! -- Feb 19, 11:00am; Feb 19, 1:00pm
Thrills, Spills and Antics -- Feb 19, 11:15am; Feb 19, 12:45pm
The Reel Deal -- Feb 19, 11:45am; Feb 19, 1:45pm
Feb 19
Toronto Black Film Festival
Discovery, from Africa to the diaspora.
Feb 20
- Mar 7
Cinéfranco: Youth Festival @ Canada Square
Preceding each year's round-up of recent French-language cinema, Cinefranco reaches out to the city's youth with weekday school group screenings.
Feb 24
In The Shadow Of Love: The Cinema Of Philippe Garrel @ Lightbox
Immerse yourself in the cinema of France's great romantic. This week:
Wild Innocence (2001, France/Netherlands, D: Philippe Garrel) -- Feb 15, 9:00pm
Les Hautes Solitudes (1974, France, D: Philippe Garrel) -- Feb 16, 8:30pm
Jealousy (2013, France, D: Philippe Garrel) -- Feb 18, 7:00pm
The Birth Of Love (1993, France/Switzerland, D: Philippe Garrel) -- Feb 22, 6:30pm
Mar 4
Out Of The Past: The Films Of Robert Mitchum @ Lightbox
Celebrating classic cinema's icon of unflappable cool. This week:
Track Of The Cat (1954, USA, D: William A. Wellman) -- Feb 15, 6:30pm
Blood On The Moon (1948, USA, D: Robert Wise) -- Feb 16, 6:30pm
Crossfire (1947, USA, D: Edward Dmytryk) -- Feb 20, 6:30pm
The Friends Of Eddie Coyle (1973, USA, D: Peter Yates) -- Feb 22, 8:50pm
The Night Of The Hunter (1955, USA, D: Charles Laughton) -- Feb 23, 11:00am
One-Offs And Short Runs
Feb 15 Say Yes To Good Food In Schools
Short films, including NFB doc Cafeteria, and conversation extoll the importance of a healthy school lunch.
@ Hot Docs 7:00pm
Feb 15 Valentine's Doomsday
Hot work from local filmmakers, including Kathleen Hepburn, Chandler Levack, Mike Holboom and Connor Jessup. Presented by TO Film Review.
@ Cinecycle 7:30pm
Feb 15 It's Alive (1974, USA, D: Larry Cohen)   No Future
A couple unexpectedly give birth to a monster.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Feb 16 Ali (2001, USA, D: Michael Mann)   FFF    Free!
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali wins championships, befriends the controversial Malcolm X and refuses to serve in Vietnam.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Feb 16 Bruk Out! A Dancehall Queen Documentary (2017, USA, D: Cori Wapnowska)
Six women compete for Dancehall Queen glory. Presented by Caribbean Tales.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Feb 16
- Feb 22
Blade Runner: The Final Cut (1982/2007, USA, D: Ridley Scott)
Blade Runner 2049 (2017, USA, D: Denis Villeneuve)
Harrison Ford is dispatched to find rogue androids in Ridley Scott's sci-fi landmark; Ryan Gosling does likewise in the sequel. Showtimes: Feb 16, 9:25pm; Feb 17, 9:25pm; Feb 18, 9:25pm; Feb 19, 9:25pm; Feb 20, 9:25pm; Feb 21, 9:25pm; Feb 22, 9:25pm.
@ The Kingsway
Feb 16 The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, UK, D: Jim Sharman)
The venerable cult film and its live shadow cast Time Warp monthly.
@ Hot Docs 11:30pm
Feb 17 My Little Pony: The Movie (2017, USA/Canada, D: Jayson Thiessen)   Family Favourites
The ponies travel beyond their home of Equestria in order to save it from dark forces.
@ Cineplex 11:00am
Feb 17 Journey To Justice (2000, Canada, D: Roger McTair)   Game Changers
Sisters In The Struggle (1991, Canada, D: Dionee Brand & Ginny Stikeman)
Viola Desmond, Fred Christie and others fight for Black civil rights in Canada; Black Canadian women discuss the intersection of sexism and racism.
@ Hot Docs 12:45pm
Feb 17 The Formaldehyde Trip (2017, Canada, D: Naomi Rincon Gallardo)    Free!
A murdered activist finds warrior women and more on her pre-rebirth trip through the underworld. Gallardo will accompany the film with a live performance. Also on the bill: short Unearthing. In Conversation. Presented by the State Violence & Indigenous Resistance film series.
@ Innis Town Hall 3:00pm
Feb 17 The Photographer: An Artist's Journey (2018, Canada, D: Anton Wagner)
Photographer Michael Chambers shoots nudes in Canada and Jamaica. The director and Chambers will be present for a Q&A.
@ The Revue 4:00pm
Feb 17 IndieFilm TO
Short stuff.
@ Innis Town Hall 6:30pm
Feb 17
Feb 18
Feb 20
Shiners: The Art Of The Shoe Shine (2017, Canada, D: Stacey Tenenbaum)
Shoe-shiners the world over tell their tales of making a living one pair of shoes at time.
@ The Royal
Feb 17 New Toronto Works 2018   Pleasure Dome
Pleasure Dome's annual explosion of local goodies. At the Arcadia Housing Co-op Performance Space (680 Queens Quay W).
Feb 18
Feb 19
Feb 21
Doctor Dolittle (1967, USA, D: Richard Fleischer)   Cineplex Classic Film Series
Rex Harrison talks to the animals.
@ Cineplex
Feb 18
- Feb 21
Doctor Dolittle (1967, USA, D: Richard Fleischer)
Rex Harrison talks to the animals. Showtimes: Feb 18, 1:00pm, 7:00pm; Feb 19, 1:00pm; Feb 20, 9:15pm; Feb 21, 6:30pm.
@ Yonge & Dundas
Feb 18 Angamaly Diaries (2017, India, D: Lijo Jose Pellissery)   Toronto Movie Club
A young man aspires to rule the criminal underworld of Angamaly.
@ Hot Docs 1:00pm
Feb 18 Fireworks (2017, Japan, D: Akiyuki Shinbo & Noboyuki Takeuchi)
Two friends both hope to accompany the object of their affections to the fireworks festival.
@ JCCC 2:00pm
Feb 18 Election (1999, USA, D: Alexander Payne)   Bechdel Tested
A popular teacher feuds with a driven student running for council. A panel discussion on women in politics precedes the film.
@ The Revue 7:00pm
Feb 18 Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989, USA, D: Steven Spielberg)   Screen Queens
Indy and father Sean Connery go looking for the Holy Grail. Allysin Chaynes hosts. Expect booze, drunk commentary and surprises.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Feb 18 Marley (2012, USA/UK, D: Kevin MacDonald)   Game Changers
Recounting the legacy of reggae icon Bob Marley.
@ Hot Docs 8:15pm
Feb 19 Colour-full Shorts
Family Day shorts on the subject of colour and design. The program runs every half-hour until 3:30pm.
@ AGO 10:30am
Feb 19
Jane (2017, USA, D: Brett Morgen)
Dolores (2017, USA, D: Peter Bratt)
Spend Family Day with a pair of role models: anthropologist Jane Goodall lives with African chimpanzees; labour organizer Dolores Huerta co-founds the National Farmworkers Association.
@ Hot Docs
Feb 19 Sketches Of Frank Gehry (2005, USA, D: Sydney Pollack)
Toronto native Gehry's ground-breaking designs come to life as signature buildings in cities around the world. Screening to complement the cinema's morning Starchitects speaker series.
@ Hot Docs 6:00pm
Feb 20 Tomorrow's Power (2016, Canada, D: Amy Miller)
Communities around the world tackle environmental and economic problems with imagination, inspiration and perspiration. The director will conduct a Skype Q&A following the screening.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
Feb 20
Fruitvale Station (2013, USA, D: Ryan Coogler)
Creed (2015, USA, D: Ryan Coogler)
Before director Ryan Coogler entered the Marvel Universe to take the reins on The Black Panther, he told the true story of a young Black man fated to meet a tragic end and reinvented the Rocky franchise.
@ The Revue
Feb 20 After Hours (1985, USA, D: Martin Scorsese)
Griffin Dunne spends a surreal night in SoHo fending off accusations, vigilantes, punks and yuppies.
@ Lightbox 8:45pm
Feb 21 Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise (2016, USA, D: Rita Coburn Whack & Bob Hercules)   Game Changers
Meet American icon Maya Angelou - performer, political activist, author and journalist.
@ Hot Docs 6:00pm
Feb 21 Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart (2017, USA, D: Tracy Heather Strain)   Inside Out
Lorraine Hansberry struggles with sexuality and equality as she writes theatre classic A Raisin In The Sun.
@ Lightbox 7:30pm
Feb 21 Dead Hooker In A Trunk (2009, Canada, D: Jen & Silvia Soska)   Cinemacabre
Friends opt for crime-solving when faced with the discovery of a dead prostitute in the trunk of their car.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Feb 21
Feb 22
Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (2005, USA, D: Lian Lunson)
Canada's poet-singer is feted by the likes of Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker and Rufus Wainwright. Screening to complement the cinema's morning Leonard Cohen: Words And Music speaker series.
@ Hot Docs
Feb 22 Chocolat (2000, USA, D: Lasse Hallstrom)   Food In Film
Juliet Binoche shakes up the stuffy French with decadent chocolate. A food pairing will be provided by CXBO.
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Feb 22 Close-Knit (2017, Japan, D: Naoko Ogigami)   J-Cinema
An abandoned child is taken in by her uncle and his transgendered girlfriend.
@ JCCC 7:00pm
Feb 22
Oscar Shorts: Documentary A (2017, Various countries, D: Various)
Oscar Shorts: Documentary B (2017, Various countries, D: Various)
One night only! This year's nominees for the Best Documentary Short Academy Award, screening across two programs.
@ Lightbox
Feb 22 God Told Me To (1976, USA, D: Larry Cohen)   Retropath
A series of murders committed in the name of the Almighty leads a cop to cosmic discoveries.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Feb 22 Partners In Crime (2017, Italy, D: Alex Infascelli)   L'Altra Italia
An amnesiac tries to rebuild his former life with the woman he believes to be his wife.
@ Vaughan 8:00pm
Feb 23 On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969, UK, D: Peter Hunt)   FFF    Free!
George Lazenby slips into the Bond skin for what proves to be an unexpectedly emotionally affecting espionage outing.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Feb 24 Wonder (2017, USA, D: Stephen Chbosky)   Family Favourites
A boy with facial abnormalities attends public school for the first time.
@ Cineplex 11:00am
Feb 24 Brown Girl Begins (2017, Canada, D: Sharon Lewis)
Forget Black history, this is Black future! A Toronto girl follows her destiny to become a Caribbean priestess in this film prequel to Nalo Hopkinson's Brown Girl In The Ring. A Gala screening, including a reception with musical performances, so tickets are on the pricy side.
@ AGO 6:00pm, 9:00pm
Feb 24 Indigiqueer Cinema: Short Films By Thirza Cuthand   Pleasure Dome
Thirza Cuthand's video work tackles queerness and indigeneity with wit and insight.
@ Cinecycle 8:00pm
Feb 24 Cry Danger (1951, USA, D: Robert Parrish)   Toronto Film Noir Syndicate
Dick Powell emerges from prison with the intent to hunt down those responsible for falsely putting him there.
@ Imperial Pub 8:00pm
Feb 24 The Room (2003, USA, D: Tommy Wiseau)
The infamy. Bring spoons!
@ Carlton 11:00pm
Feb 25 Foxtrot (2017, Israel/Germany/France/Switzerland, D: Samuel Maoz)   Chai Tea
Conflicting news stresses the parents of a young man serving in the army.
@ Empress Walk 12:30pm, 4:00pm
Feb 25 I'm All Right Jack (1959, UK, D: John Boulting)   TFS
The Battle Of The Sexes (1960, UK, D: Charles Crichton)
Sellers! A young man is caught in the labour/management divide; a female executive runs into resistance trying to modernize a very stodgy male-dominated company.
@ Carlton 2:00pm
Feb 25 Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child (2010, USA, D: Tamra Davis)   Game Changers
Get the lowdown on the renowned New York artist.
@ Hot Docs 3:45pm

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