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Nov 14 - 17
Pomegranate Film Festival
Fresh filmic takes on Armenian culture.
Nov 14
- Dec 7
In The Realm Of Oshima: The Best of Japanese Master Nagisa Oshima @ Lightbox
A selection of the rebel filmmaker's greatest hits. This week:
In The Realm Of The Senses (1976, Japan, D: Nagisa Oshima) -- Nov 14, 6:30pm
Boy (1969, Japan, D: Nagisa Oshima) -- Nov 15, 6:30pm
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983, UK/Japan/New Zealand, D: Nagisa Oshima) w/ Kieran Grant -- Nov 16, 3:30pm
Cruel Story Of Youth (1960, Japan, D: Nagisa Oshima) -- Nov 17, 4:15pm
Night And Fog In Japan (1960, Japan, D: Nagisa Oshima) -- Nov 19, 6:30pm
The Ceremony (1971, Japan, D: Nagisa Oshima) -- Nov 21, 6:30pm
Violence At Noon (1966, Japan, D: Nagisa Oshima) -- Nov 23, 4:35pm
Nov 15 - 16
Shorts Not Pants Festival @ 401 Richmond W
Quick takes.
Nov 15 - 17
Syria Film Festival @ AGO
Moving pictures convey the Syrian struggle.
Nov 15
Reel Asian
Toronto's annual collection of films from Asia and the Asian diaspora.
Nov 17
Toronto Serbian Film Festival
Toronto's annual showcase of Serbian cinema returns. At: Regent, Innis Town Hall.
Nov 20 - 23
Regent Park Film Festival @ Daniels Spectrum
Shining the spotlight on a Toronto neighbourhood in revival.
Nov 21 - 26
Blood In The Snow @ The Royal
Warm blood for cold Canadian winter.
Nov 21
Direct Cinema: The Films Of D.A. Pennebaker @ Hot Docs
D.A. Pennebaker's fly-on-the-wall camera is present for important musical, political and cultural moments over the last 50 years. This week:
Monterey Pop (1968, USA, D: D.A. Pennebaker) -- Nov 21, 1:00pm
Nov 21
European Union Film Festival @ The Royal
The member countries of the European Union showcase continental culture for the benefit of us in the colonies.
Nov 22 - 23
Canadian Labour International Film Festival @ Carlton
The world of work and those who do it.
Nov 22 - 28
Cyrus International Film Festival
Contemporary Iranian cinema. Formerly known as CineIran. At: Lightbox, AGO.
Nov 22 - 30
Cinéfranco @ Hot Docs
Recent French-language cinema.
Nov 22
- Jan 4
Scorsese: A Retrospective @ Lightbox
Scorsese's all-encompassing love of cinema produces an equally wide-ranging body of work: religious-themed dramas, literary adaptations and, of course, the gangster films that made his reputation This week:
Who's That Knocking On My Door (1967, USA, D: Martin Scorsese) -- Nov 22, 6:30pm
Boxcar Bertha (1972, USA, D: Martin Scorsese) -- Nov 23, 9:05pm
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974, USA, D: Martin Scorsese) -- Nov 24, 3:00pm
Nov 29
25 Years Of Mongrel Media @ Lightbox
Canada's finest and longest-lasting distributor of independent and foreign-language films is feted on the occasion of its 25 anniversary. This week:
Boyhood (2014, USA, D: Richard Linklater) -- Nov 16, 9:00pm
The Loves Of Others (2006, Germany, D: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck) -- Nov 22, 8:45pm
Dec 14
News From Home: The Films Of Chantal Akerman @ Lightbox
The late feminist and formalist filmmaker is remembered. This week:
Golden Eighties (1986, France/Belgium/Switzerland, D: Chantal Akerman)
    + Lettre D'un Cineaste: Chantal Akerman (1984, France, D: Chantal Akerman) -- Nov 16, 6:45pm
Letters Home (1986, France, D: Chantal Akerman) -- Nov 17, 6:25pm
Histoires D'Amerique: Food, Family and Philosophy (1989, France/Belgium, D: Chantal Akerman) -- Nov 20, 6:30pm
Portrait Of A Young Girl In Late '60s, In Brussels (1993, France, D: Chantal Akerman)
    + Chantal Akerman par Chantal Akerman (1997, France, D: Chantal Akerman) -- Nov 24, 6:00pm
One-Offs And Short Runs
Nov 14 My Generation (2017, UK, D: David Batty)
Working class England stokes the country's 'swinging sixties' pop cultural revolution. Narrated by Michael Caine. Screening as a sidebar to the ongoing Curious Minds lecture series on the 1960s.
@ Hot Docs 1:00pm
Nov 14
Nov 16
Nov 17
The 48 Hour Film Project
Two days to create art, eight screenings to sift through the results.
@ The Revue
4:00pm, 6:30pm
4:00pm, 6:30pm
Nov 14 My Father, The Spy (2019, Latvia, D: Gints Grube & Jaak Kilmi)   Doc Soup
Family and country loyalties are put to the test when a Latvian student's father announces his plan to defect.
@ Hot Docs 6:45pm
Nov 14 The Mayor Of Comedy (2019, Canada, D: Matt Kelly)
Comedian Sandra Battaglini exposes the business practices of the Canadian entertainment industry and the plight of comedians working within it.
@ The Fox 8:30pm
Nov 14 Guardian (2001, USA, D: John Terlesky)   2Bad4U
Cops Mario Van Peebles and James Remar discover a supernatural connection to a new drug rocking the streets.
@ Eyesore Cinema 9:00pm
Nov 14 Suburban Birds (2018, China, D: Qiu Sheng)   MDFF Presents
A construction engineer's encounters with school children point to potential or past tragedies.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Nov 15
- Nov 22
Die Hard 2 (1990, USA, D: Renny Harlin)   Flashback Film Series
Bruce Willis vs terrorists -- again.
@ Cineplex
Nov 15
Nov 20
Heavy Metal (1981, Canada, D: Gerald Potterton)
"I'm just scared I'll come home one day and find you screwing the toaster." "Take it easy Charlie, I've got an angle." "You die, she dies, everybody dies." Sci-fi, sex, humour, cartoons and rock'n'roll make for an oddly animated stew.
@ Cineplex
Nov 15 The Music Of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble (2015, USA, D: Morgan Neville)
Cellist Yo-Yo Ma recruits musicians as he follows the traditional Silk Road trading route. Screening as a sidebar to the ongoing Curious Minds lecture series on the Silk Road.
@ Hot Docs 12:45pm
Nov 15 On The Move: Films By The Moving Image Makers Collective   Ad Hoc Film Collective
This touring collection of work from Soctland's Moving Image Makers Collective explores interactions with one's immediate environment.
@ PIX 7:00pm
Nov 15 The Imitation Game (2014, UK/USA, D: Morten Tyldum)   FFF    Free!
Alan Turing cracks the German Enigma code.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Nov 15
Nov 16
Nov 17
Back To The Future Part II (1989, USA, D: Robert Zemeckis)
Having survived a trip to the past, Marty McFly now travels to the far-flung future date of Oct 21, 2015.
@ Cinesphere
Nov 15 Koyaanisqatsi (1982, USA, D: Godfrey Reggio)   High Minded
The imagery of the (then) modern world. Preceded by a meditative 'sound bath' inspired by the film's soundtrack.
@ Hot Docs 8:30pm
Nov 15 The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976, UK, D: Nicolas Roeg)
Space alien David Bowie's plan to save his family in the stars is waylaid by Earthbound vices and schemes.
@ Lightbox 8:45pm
Nov 16 The Twilight Zone: 60th Anniversary Celebration
Six classic episodes, restored, plus documentary short Remembering Rod Serling.
@ Cineplex
Nov 16
Nov 19
Nov 21
The Godfather Part II (1974, USA, D: Francis Ford Coppola)   Cineplex Classic Film Series
The Corleone family crime saga continues.
@ Cineplex
Nov 16
Nov 23
The Drowned World
Film and sound art inspired by J.G. Ballard's apocalyptic vision imagine societal shifts to come. Presented by the Toronto Biennial every Saturday until Dec 1.
@ Cinesphere
Nov 16 Charlotte's Web (2006, USA, D: Gary Winick)   Family Favourites
A spider helps Wilbur the pig escape the family dinner table.
@ Cineplex 11:00am
Nov 16 The Cure: Anniversary 1978-2018 (2019, UK, D: Tim Pope)   This Film Should Be Played Loud
Brit pop stalwarts The Cure celebrate four decades of great music with a career-spanning concert in London's Hyde Park.
@ Hot Docs 9:30pm
Nov 16 The Running Man (1987, USA, D: Paul Michael Glaser)   Drunken Cinema
"I'm not into politics. I'm into survival." Arnie attempts to outlast a murderous game show hosted by Richard Dawson. Plus: drinking games!
@ The Revue 9:30pm
Nov 17
Nov 19
Nov 20
Princes Mononoke (1997, Japan, D: Hayao Miyazaki)
A warrior girl raised by wolf-gods fights human infringement on her forest home. Screening in both dubbed and subbed versions.
@ Cineplex
Nov 17 Rhubarb (1951, USA, D: Arthur Lubin)   TFS
I See Ice! (1938, UK, D: Anthony Kimmins)
Comedy! A cat inherits a sports team; a man hides a camera in his bowtie.
@ Innis Town Hall 1:30pm
Nov 17 Mourir à Tue-Tête (1979, Canada, D: Anne Claire Poirier)   Toronto Film Review Presents
The female director and editor of a film about rape react to the scenes they work on. Plus: boundary-breaking shorts by female directors. Guest-curated by Federica Foglia.
@ Media Commons 2:30pm
Nov 17 La Danse - Le Ballet De L'Opera De Paris (2009, USA, D: Frederick Wiseman)
Documentary legend Wiseman's immersive camera follows the Paris Opera Ballet as it puts on seven productions. Greta Hodgkinson, Principal Dancer with the National Ballet Of Canada, intros.
@ Hot Docs 5:30pm
Nov 17 Bloodsport (1988, USA, D: Newt Arnold)   Hollow Moon Movie Club
JCVD goes AWOL to take part in the ultimate martial arts competition.
@ Handlebar 7:30pm
Nov 18 KonoSuba - God's Blessing On This Wonderful World!: Legend Of Crimson (2019, Japan, D: Takaomi Kanasaki)
A video-gamer reincarnated in a fantastic world aims to defend the home village of his new companions from a deadly threat.
@ Cineplex
Nov 18 Recent Works By Michael Rakowitz   Pleasure Dome
Chicago-based film artist Rakowitz presents two works (the program notes promise "ventriloquy, surrogates and solidarity as seen through the lens of music and museology") followed by a conversation with John Greyson. At Bachir-Yerex Presentation Space in 401 Richmond.
@ 401 Richmond W 6:30pm
Nov 18 Alien (1979, UK/USA, D: Ridley Scott)
"It's got a wonderful defense mechanism. You don't dare kill it." At Cineplex VIP locations only.
@ Cineplex 7:00pm
Nov 19 Varda By Agnes (2019, France, D: Agnes Varda)   Member Premieres
French New Wave legend Varda provides a guided tour to her work and her life. Previewing tonight for members before its upcoming release.
@ Lightbox 6:15pm
Nov 19 Daniel Hope: The Sound Of Life (2017, Germany, D: Nahuel Lopez)   Music On Film
Avant-garde violinist Hope infuses classical music with his own musical vision.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
Nov 19 Millennium Actress (2001, Japan, D: Satoshi Kon)   Anime @ The Revue
A one-time actress' memories and movies intertwine in a dreamlike quest for love.
@ The Revue 7:00pm
Nov 19 Blade Runner (1982, USA, D: Ridley Scott)
Harrison Ford is dispatched to find rogue androids in Ridley Scott's sci-fi landmark.
@ The Kingsway 8:00pm
Nov 20 Okinawa Film Series: Program 1
Experience the unique culture of Okinawa through this program of short films.
@ Japan Foundation 2:00pm
Nov 20 Cheryl Thompson on Blackface in Hollywood: Past and Present    Free!
Ryerson professor Cheryl Thompson is joined by film scholar Robyn Citizen to discuss the history of blackface and minstrelsy.
@ Lightbox 6:00pm
Nov 20 Good Burger (1997, USA, D: Brian Robbins)   Food In Film
Teen burger flippers try to save their family-run employer from new competition. Plus: food from Burger Drops!
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Nov 20 Poligono Sur (Seville, Southside) (2003, Spain/France, D: Dominique Abel)    Free!
The people of Seville's south side live and breathe flamenco. Plus: short Solea. Part of the ongoing Duende Flamenco Festival.
@ Aga Khan 7:00pm
Nov 20 The Monster Squad (1987, USA, D: Fred Dekker)
Misfits fight the monster apocalypse.
@ Grand Gerrard 8:00pm
Nov 20 2019 Sundance Film Festival Shorts Tour   Short Cuts
The best of the short stuff from this year's showcase of American independent film.
@ Lightbox 8:45pm
Nov 21
Nov 24
Depeche Mode: Spirits In The Forest (2019, USA, D: Anton Corbijn)
Fans share their thoughts on the band as they perform on their 2017 Global Spirit Tour.
@ Cineplex
Nov 21 Finding Hygge (2018, USA, D: Rocky Walls)
Citizens of the world search for happiness. Part of a program of Continuing Professional Education events, so tickets are on the pricy side.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
Nov 21 Okinawa Film Series: Program 2
Experience the unique culture of Okinawa through this program of short films.
@ Japan Foundation 6:30pm
Nov 21 Crossfire (1948, USA, D: Edward Dmytryk)
A investigation into the murder of a Jewish man unearths a dangerous case of anti-semitism. A film noir classic screening for Noirvember on 16mm.
@ The Revue 7:00pm
Nov 21 Lisztomania (1975, UK, D: Ken Russell)
Pianist Franz Liszt dazzles audiences with amazing skill while carrying on a hedonistic lifestyle. Roger Daltrey stars!
@ Eyesore Cinema 9:00pm
Nov 21 Metropolitan (1990, USA, D: Whit Stillman)
An outsider is pulled into the orbit of a group of upper-class Manhattanites over Christmas debutante season.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Nov 22 Sicario (2015, USA, D: Denis Villeneuve)   FFF    Free!
FBI agent Emily Blunt is pulled into a possibily illegal operation against Mexican drug cartels. With Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Nov 22
Nov 23
Nov 24
Blade Runner 2049 (IMAX)
A replicant cop's job tracking down runaways of his own kind unearths long-buried secrets and the possibility of revolution.
@ Cinesphere
Nov 22 Freddy Got Fingered (2001, USA, D: Tom Green)
Tom Green's film maudit! An unemployed bum spreads rumours of his brother's sexual abuse when his parents kick him out. Plus: Rip Torn and Tom Green clips. Proceeds to Movember.
@ Eyesore Cinema 9:00pm
Nov 22
Nov 23
Interview With A Vampire (1994, USA, D: Neil Jordan)   Dumpster Raccoon
Vampire Tom Cruise tells his tale. With Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst and Christian Slater.
@ The Revue
Nov 23 Kesari (2019, India, D: Anurag Singh)
A small contingent of Sikh soldiers face huge odds against attacking Afghans.
@ Lightbox 12:00pm
Nov 23 The Peanut Butter Solution (1985, Canada, D: Michael Rubbo)   Throwback Cinema
A fright-induced loss of hair leads a young boy to discover sinister secrets and an odd hair tonic.
@ The Revue 1:30pm
Nov 23 From The Vaults - Jazz Performances From The '20s To The '60s
Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith, Lionel Hampton and more! On 16mm. Presented by Jazzcast.
@ The Revue 4:00pm
Nov 23 Der Hund von Baskerville (1929, Germany, D: Richard Oswald)
The famed sleuth investigates a case involving legendary supernatural beast. Plus: Douglas Fairbanks Holmes spoof The Mystery Of The Leaping Fish.
@ The Fox 4:30pm
Nov 23 Tectonic Plate (2016, Finland, D: Mika Taanila)   Ad Hoc Film Collective
With letters but without a camera, Taanila and poet Harry Salmenniemi evoke the state of being jet-lagged.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Nov 23 The Room (2003, USA, D: Tommy Wiseau)   Lobotomy Films
The infamy travels to the East End. Bring spoons? Plus: an afterparty with live music.
@ Grand Gerrard 8:00pm
Nov 23 Monkeybone (2001, USA, D: Henry Selick)   Frase Haze
Cartoonist Brendan Fraser becomes trapped in a world of his own creation.
@ Eyesore Cinema 9:00pm
Nov 24 Asylum City (2018, Israel)
Binge-watch the Israeli police corruption drama over three Sundays.
@ Innis Town Hall 2:00pm
Nov 24 Million Dollar Mermaid (1952, USA, D: Mervyn LeRoy)   TFS
Esther Williams swims to success backed by Busby Berkeley production numbers.
@ The Kingsway 2:00pm
Nov 24 Varieté (1925, Germany, D: E.A. Dupont)   Silent Revue
A trapeze artist's dereliction of family duty sets him on the path to imprisonment for murder.
@ The Revue 4:00pm
Nov 24 April And The Extraordinary World (2015, France/Canada/Belgium, D: Christian Desmares & Franck Ekinci)   Squishy Freak Frolic Film Nite
In a steampunk version of 1940s Paris, a young girl searches for her missing parents. Based on the imagery of French cartooning legend Jacques Tardi.
@ Eyesore Cinema 8:00pm
Nov 24 Queen & Slim (2019, USA/Canada, D: Melina Matsoukas)
A Black couple's interaction with a traffic officer leads to an explosion of violence. Director Melina Matsoukas and writer Lena Waithe will be in attendance.
@ Lightbox 8:00pm

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