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Jun 22
Italian Contemporary Film Festival
Italian cinema returns to Toronto. At: Lightbox, Vaughan.
Jun 26
- Jul 1
Female Eye @ Carlton
The gaze from the other side.
Jun 26
Contemporary Croatian Cinema
The latest from Croatia. At: The Royal. This week:
A Brief Excursion (2017, Croatia, D: Igor Bezinovic) -- Jun 26, 7:00pm
Jun 28
Toronto Japanese Film Festival @ JCCC
Genre-spanning Japanese cinema.
Jun 30
Funny Girl: The Films Of Elaine May @ Lightbox
May, both solo and in collaboration, makes an indelible mark on American comedy. This week:
Such Good Friends (1971, USA, D: Otto Preminger) -- Jun 22, 9:00pm
The Birdcage (1996, USA, D: Mike Nichols) -- Jun 23, 9:00pm
Jul 1
Rebel Without A Cause: The Cinema Of Gerard Blain @ Lightbox
The 'French James Dean' brings smouldering intensity to the work of others before embarking upon his own career as a filmmaker. This week:
Les Cousins (1959, France, D: Claude Chabrol) -- Jun 21, 6:15pm
Second Wind (1977, France, D: Gerard Blain) -- Jun 23, 6:45pm
The Rebel (1980, France, D: Gerard Blain) -- Jun 26, 6:15pm
Pierre et Djemila (1987, France, D: Gerard Blain) -- Jun 28, 6:30pm
Jul 21
Modernist Master: Michelangelo Antonioni @ Lightbox
The Italian filmmaker makes existential masterpieces out of modern alienation. This week:
Blow-Up (1966, UK/Italy, D: Michelangelo Antonioni) -- Jun 22, 6:30pm
The Lady Without Camellias (1953, Italy/France, D: Michelangelo Antonioni) -- Jun 23, 4:15pm
La Notte (1961, Italy, D: Michelangelo Antonioni) -- Jun 24, 3:15pm
Zabriskie Point (1970, USA, D: Michelangelo Antonioni) -- Jun 24, 6:05pm
L'Eclisse (1962, Italy, D: Michelangelo Antonioni) -- Jun 28, 8:30pm
Sep 2
Dark Passages: The Films Of Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall @ Lightbox
Classic-era Hollywood's steamiest on/off-screen couple usher in the summer heat. This week:
The Big Sleep (1946, USA, D: Howard Hawks) -- Jun 22, 11:00am
To Have And Have Not (1944, USA, D: Howard Hawks) -- Jun 22, 3:00pm
Key Largo (1948, USA, D: John Huston) -- Jun 24, 1:00pm
One-Offs And Short Runs
Jun 21 Van Gogh: Of Wheat Fields And Clouded Skies (2018, Italy, D: Giovanni Piscaglia)   In The Gallery
Van Gogh's work and life is seen through the lens of the collection compiled by Dutch painter Helen Kroller-Muller.
@ Yonge & Dundas 1:30pm
Jun 21 Jurassic World (2015, USA, D: Colin Trevorrow)
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018, USA, D: J.A. Bayona)
Dinos run amuck again ... and again.
@ Cineplex 3:30pm
Jun 21
- Jun 28
The Birdcage (1996, USA, D: Mike Nichols)
Gay couple Robin Williams and Nathan Lane put on a straight facade to please their son's potential in-laws. Showtimes: Jun 21, 4:45pm; Jun 22, 9:30pm; Jun 23, 12:35pm; Jun 24, 3:45pm, 9:10pm; Jun 25, 6:00pm; Jun 26, 1:40pm; Jun 27, 4:45pm, 9:50pm; Jun 28, 6:25pm.
@ Yonge & Dundas
Jun 21 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, USA, D: Stanley Kubrick)
The ultimate trip is back - in a new 'unrestored' 70mm print meant to reproduce the experience of audiences 50 years ago.
@ Lightbox 6:00pm
Jun 21
Jun 23
Spirited Away (2001, Japan, D: Hayao Miyazaki)   Anime @ The Revue
A young girl navigates the spirit world she has stumbled into. Dubbed.
@ The Revue
Jun 21 Your Vice Is A Locked Room And Only I Have The Key (1972, Italy, D: Sergio Martino)   Beyond Argento: Exploring The Giallo
A decadent author comes under suspicion of murder.
@ The Fox 7:00pm
Jun 21 Short Waves Traveling Programme   Shorts That Are Not Pants
Award-winning shorts from Poland make the trek to Toronto. In partnership with Ekran.
@ Carlton 7:00pm
Jun 21 Young Soul Rebels (1991, UK, D: Isaac Julien)   Black Gold
'70s pirate radio DJs experience a break in their friendship while the spectre of a murder investigation looms.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jun 21 Shorts by Indigenous Youth   Short Cuts    Free!
Wapikoni, an initiative to foster audiovisual creativity in Indigenous communites, yields a batch of short films.
@ Lightbox 8:45pm
Jun 22 Maliglutit (Searchers) (2016, Canada, D: Zacharias Kunuk)    Free!
An Inuk husband pursues vengeance when his wife is kidnapped.
@ AGO 6:00pm, 8:30pm
Jun 22 Hush! (2002, Japan, D: Ryosuke Hashiguchi)    Free!
A single woman desiring motherhood asks a gay male couple to be the biological fathers. For Pride Month. Free w/ RSVP!
@ Japan Foundation 6:30pm
Jun 22 The Lockpicker (2016, Canada, D: Randall Okita)
A high school student is alienated from his peers by a friend's suicide, his own thefts and an act of violence.
@ Lightbox 6:45pm
Jun 22 Bound (1996, USA, D: Lana & Lily Wachowski)   Neon Dreams
A gangster's moll and an ex-con seal their newly intimate bond by robbing the Mafia. Come early for the pre-show!
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jun 22 Hellraiser (1987, USA, D: Clive Barker)   Fear Is Free Fridays    Free!
A puzzle box turns out to be a portal to a dimension populated by S&M demons, including the iconic Pinhead.
@ The Kingsway 10:30pm
Jun 22 The People Under The Stairs (1991, USA, D: Wes Craven)   Late Great Movies
A burglar discovers firsthand the horrific secrets hidden inside a house rumoured to contain riches.
@ The Fox 11:59pm
Jun 23 Famous Nathan (2014, USA, D: Lloyd Handwerker)   This Jewish American Life
A Polish immigrant builds a hot dog empire out of Coney Island.
@ Hot Docs 11:00am
Jun 23 The Land Before Time (1988, USA, D: Don Bluth)   Family Favourites
Cute little dinosaurs try to outrun both a T-Rex and the coming ice age.
@ Cineplex 11:00am
Jun 23
Jun 24
Jun 30
Under The Sea (2009, USA/Canada, D: Howard Hall)
Dive headfirst into the stunning underwater vistas of the Indian and Pacific oceans.
@ Cinesphere
Jun 23 Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (2015, Sweden, D: Stig Bjorkman)
Home videos, letters and interviews paint a portrait of the luminous Hollywood star.
@ Hot Docs 1:30pm
Jun 23
Jun 29
Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans (1927, USA, D: F.W. Murnau)
Temptation prompts a man to destroy his love. One of the greatest silents.
@ Lightbox
Jun 23
Jun 24
The Wizard Of Oz (1939, USA, D: Victor Fleming)
A colourful tale of footwear jealousy. With munchkins.
@ The Fox
Jun 23
Jun 24
Jun 30
Aircraft Carrier (2016, Canada, D: Stephen Low)
War grames provide the opportunity to examine the workings of the USS Ronald Reagan.
@ Cinesphere
3:00pm, 6:00pm
3:00pm, 6:00pm
3:00pm, 6:00pm
Jun 23 Taboo (Gohatto) (1999, Japan, D: Nagisa Oshima)    Free!
A samurai squad threatens to fall apart when several members become enthralled with a new recruit. For Pride Month. Free w/ RSVP!
@ Japan Foundation 3:00pm
Jun 23 Meet Your Neighbours
Brick Lane Studios screens video shorts made by local seniors.
@ The Revue 4:00pm
Jun 23
Jun 24
Jun 30
The Trolley (2018, Canada, D: Stephen Low)
Ride the humble streetcar into the future.
@ Cinesphere
4:30pm, 7:30pm
4:30pm, 7:30pm
4:30pm, 7:30pm
Jun 23 Altered States (1980, USA, D: Ken Russell)   Retropath
William Hurt's experiements with hallucinogens induce genetic regressions.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jun 24 Hava Nagila (2012, USA/Ukraine/Israel, D: Roberta Grossman)   This Jewish American Life
An Eastern-European folk song becomes synonymous with Jewish culture.
@ Hot Docs 11:00am
Jun 24 Duck Soup (1933, USA, D: Leo McCarey)
"Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honour, which is probably more than she ever did." The Marx Brothers spoof war in this increasingly anarchic comedy, very possibly the team's best film. New 4K restoration! Plus: contemporaneous shorts and cartoons.
@ The Revue 4:00pm
Jun 24 Hairspray (1988, USA, D: John Waters)   Christie Pits Film Festival
A plump teen spins a dance show appearance into political clout in 1960's Baltimore. Outdoors!
@ Christie Pits 9:20pm
Jun 25 The Age Of Innocence (1993, USA, D: Martin Scorsese)   Books On Film Club
Daniel Day-Lewis is torn between social convention and personal passion. Screenwriter Jay Cocks will be on hand for discussion.
@ Lightbox 7:00pm
Jun 26 Silence (2016, USA, D: Martin Scorsese)
Priests travel to Japan to search for their mentor despite the widespread persecution of Christians at the hands of the government. Screenwriter Jay Cocks will be on hand for discussion.
@ Lightbox 6:30pm
Jun 26 Lily Festival (2001, Japan, D: Sachi Hamano)    Free!
A new arrival in a senior's apartment awakens desires of all stripes in its residents. For Pride Month. Free w/ RSVP!
@ Japan Foundation 6:30pm
Jun 26 Festival Express (2003, Canada, D: Bob Smeaton)   City Cinema: Rockumentariea
Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and The Band booze and jam as they cross Canada by train. Outdoors!
@ Yonge-Dundas Square 8:00pm
Jun 26 I Have No Memory Of My Direction (2005, Canada, D: Midi Onodera)   Wavelengths
A Japanese-Canadian woman contemplates the distance between herself and her inherited culture on a trip to her ancestral home. The director will be in attendance.
@ Lightbox 8:45pm
Jun 27 Inuk (2010, Greenland/France, D: Mike Magidson)    Free!
A teen removed from his family bonds with a hunter of polar bears.
@ AGO 6:00pm, 8:30pm
Jun 27 Pride (2013, UK, D: Matthew Warchus)
London queer activists find solidarity with striking miners over their resistance to Thatcher's policies. A fundraiser for The Canadian Labour International Film Festival and LGBT Youth Line.
@ Carlton 7:00pm
Jun 27 Thoroughbreds (2017, USA, D: Cory Finley)   Open Roof Festival
Upper class girls concoct a dangerous scheme to solve family problems. Preceded by a live music performance by Moscow Apartment.
Jun 27 Messiah Of Evil (1973, USA, D: Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz)   Cinemacabre
A woman in search of her missing father stumbles upon a ocean-side monster cult.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jun 28 Terms And Conditions May Apply (2013, USA, D: Cullen Hoback)
Free social media services put your information to their use. A Q&A precedes the film.
@ The Fox 7:00pm
Jun 28 Speed Racer (IMAX) (2008, USA, D: Lana & Lily Wachowski)
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Wachowski's deep dive into candy-colored racing mayhem thanks to Midnight Madness honcho/Speed Racer superfan Peter Kuplowsky and Inside Out. In glorious big-screen IMAX!
@ Cinesphere 8:00pm
Jun 28 Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978, USA, D: Irvin Kershner)   Ladies Of Burlesque
New York goes giallo as controversial photographer Faye Dunaway begins to receive psychic visions of an unknown killer murdering her associates. 35mm! Plus: a live burlesque performance.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Jun 29 Tokyo Biyori (1997, Japan, D: Naoto Takenaka)    Free!
Acclaimed Japanese photographer Noboyushi Araki and his wife Yoko live and love in Tokyo. Screening in association with the Tokyo: Before/After photography exhibition. Free w/ RSVP.
@ Japan Foundation 6:30pm
Jun 29 The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, UK, D: Jim Sharman)
The venerable cult film and its live shadow cast Time Warp monthly.
@ Hot Docs 11:30pm
Jun 30 Despicable Me 3 (2017, USA, D: Kyle Balda & Pierre Coffin)   Family Favourites
Reformed master criminal Gru is tempted by his twin brother to restart his life of crime.
@ Cineplex 11:00am
Jun 30 The Room (2003, USA, D: Tommy Wiseau)
The infamy. Bring spoons!
@ Carlton 11:00pm

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