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Oct 17 - 21
Reel World Film Festival
Celebrating cultural diversity through film. At: Glenn Gould Studio, Canada Square.
Oct 17 - 25
Toronto After Dark @ Scotiabank
Nine nights of new horror, fantasy and action cinema.
Oct 18 - 20
Macedonian Film Festival @ Carlton
Broadening awareness of Macedonian talent.
Oct 18
Seeing The Unseen: Re-Encountering Chinese Cinema @ Lightbox
Controversy ensures life abroad for a certain brand of Chinese cinema even as it prevents such films from being seen by their home audience. This week:
A Touch Of Sin (2013, China/Japan, D: Jia Zhang-ke) -- Oct 17, 6:30pm
Lost In Beijing (2007, China, D: Yu Li) -- Oct 18, 6:30pm
Oct 19 - 20
Toronto South African Film Festival @ Lightbox
The culture, history and politics of South Africa.
Oct 20
Planet In Focus
Taking stock of this hunk of rock we call home every autumn. At: The Royal, Hot Docs, Innis Town Hall.
Oct 20
Rendezvous With Madness
Illuminating mental illness and addiction with both screenings and panel discussions. At: Hot Docs, AGO, Workman Theatre.
Oct 22 - 27
Aboriginal film and video. At: Hot Docs, Lightbox.
Oct 26
Toronto Latin American Film Festival
Hispanic cinema. At: Innis Town Hall, AGO.
Oct 31
Toronto Spanish Film Festival @ U Of T
New films from Spain, doled out one title per week.
One-Offs And Short Runs
Oct 17 Throne Of Blood (1957, Japan, D: Akira Kurosawa)    Free!
Kurosawa transplants Shakespeare's Macbeth to feudal Japan.
@ Japan Foundation 2:00pm
Oct 17 Open Screen    Free!
Bring your own cinema. Presented by Higher Learning and TIFF Next Wave.
@ Lightbox 6:00pm
Oct 17 Psycho (1960, USA, D: Alfred Hitchcock)   Fox Flashback
"A boy's best friend is his mother."
@ The Fox 6:30pm
Oct 17 The Witches Of Eastwick (1987, USA, D: George Miller)   Food In Film
The supernatural visitation of Jack Nicholson awakens the inner power of a trio of creative women living in a repressive town. Plus: food from Brunner's Bakeshop!
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Oct 17 The Chaplain (2018, Japan, D: Dai Sako)
A newly appointed death row chaplain is profoundly affected by the inmates he ministers to. Starring Ren Osugi in his final performance.
@ JCCC 7:00pm
Oct 17 The Ninth Configuration (1980, USA, D: William Peter Blatty)   Retropath
The new psychiatrist at an army mental hospital proves to be as disturbed, if not more so, than his patients. From the writer of The Exorcist.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Oct 17 In The Mouth Of Madness (1994, USA, D: John Carpenter)
An investigator on the trail of a missing horror author stumbles across the divide between reality and illusion.
@ Eyesore Cinema 9:00pm
Oct 17 First One Out (2019, Canada, D: David Ngandu)
A jobless man finds employment in the drug trade. Short.
@ The Fox 9:00pm
Oct 18 Jay & Silent Bob Reboot (2019, USA, D: Kevin Smith)
Clerks-bred stoners head for Hollywood to halt a reboot of a movie about them.
@ Cineplex
Oct 18
- Oct 26
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1991, USA, D: Fran Rubel Kuzui)   Flashback Film Series
Before Joss Whedon's high school destroyer of the pointy-toothed menace became a small screen legend, she was personified by Kristy Swanson in this big screen adventure.
@ Cineplex
Oct 18
- Oct 24
This Is Spinal Tap (1984, USA, D: Rob Reiner)
"It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black." Clueless rockers suffer the indignities of an American tour.
@ Cineplex
Oct 18 Nosferatu (1922, Germany, D: F.W. Murnau)
The original screen vampire rises. Live soundtrack by The Invicible Czars!
@ The Fox 6:45pm
Oct 18
Oct 19
28 Days Later (2002, UK, D: Danny Boyle)
A man wakes from a coma into a deserted London littered with rage zombies.
@ Cinesphere
Oct 18 Mister America (2019, USA, D: Eric Notarnicola)
A man exonerated on a murder charge runs a revenge campaign against the district attorney that tried to send him to jail. Starring Tim Heidecker.
@ The Royal 8:00pm
Oct 18 Alligator (1980, USA, D: Lewis Teague)   Fear Is Free Fridays    Free!
Vigilante (1982, USA, D: William Lustig)
Fear x 2, Robert Forster-style.
@ The Kingsway 8:45pm
Oct 18 The Vineyard (1989, USA/Canada, D: James Hong & William Rice.)   Almost Asian
A winemaker stays young by harvesting the blood of youth.
@ Eyesore Cinema 9:00pm
Oct 18 The Thing (1982, USA, D: John Carpenter)
"If I was an imitation, a perfect imitation, how would you know it was really me?" Tough guy chopper pilot Kurt Russell and the crew of an Antarctic research station face a deadly alien mimic.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Oct 18
Oct 24
A Completely Different Life (Tutta Un Altra Vita) (2019, Italy, D: Alessandro Pondi)   L'Altra Italia
A lowly taxi driver takes the opportunity to find how the upper class lives.
@ Lightbox
@ Vaughan
Oct 19 David Foster: Off The Record (2019, Canada, D: Barry Avrich)
The successful Canadian music producer is profiled.
@ Cineplex
Oct 19
Oct 26
The Drowned World
Film and sound art inspired by J.G. Ballard's apocalyptic vision imagine societal shifts to come. Presented by the Toronto Biennial every Saturday until Dec 1.
@ Cinesphere
Oct 19
Oct 20
Ghostbusters (1984, USA, D: Ivan Reitman)
Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd fight ghosts, Zuul, government and giant candy monsters.
@ The Revue
Oct 19
Oct 20
War And Peace Parts 1 and 2 (1966, USSR, D: Sergei Bondarchuk)
War And Peace Parts 3 and 4 (1966, USSR, D: Sergei Bondarchuk)
Bondarchuk adapts Tolstoy with an eye to both the epic and the intimate. Screening over two afternoons.
@ Lightbox
Oct 19 Bride Of Frankenstein (1935, USA, D: James Whale)   Designing The Movies
Dr. Frankenstein brings life to dead flesh once again in the hopes of providing his original creation with a mate. Plus: host Nathalie Atkinson talks art direction and costume design with Avery Plewes.
@ The Revue 3:30pm
Oct 19 Debate Club: What Is The Best Horror Comedy?   The Black Museum
Debate club reconvenes to weigh the virtues of each participant's favourite horror comedy.
@ The Royal 6:00pm
Oct 19 Seven Samurai (1954, Japan, D: Akira Kurosawa)
Bandit-besieged villagers get protection from a ragtag band of fighters.
@ Lightbox 7:00pm
Oct 19 The Hunger (1983, UK/USA, D: Tony Scott)   Dumpster Raccoon
David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon form a vampire love triangle. Plus: live drag performances and pre-show commentary.
@ The Revue 9:30pm
Oct 19 Ghostwatch (1992, UK, D: Lesley Manning)
A BBC investigation turns up supernatural shenanigans. The ghostly hoax that fooled a healthy portion of the British viewing public.
@ The Royal 9:30pm
Oct 20
- Oct 26
The Silence Of The Lambs (1991, USA, D: Jonathan Demme)   Cineplex Classic Film Series
Brilliant, incarcerated psychopath Hannibal Lecter may hold the key to capturing a serial killer.
@ Cineplex
Oct 20 A Girl Named C (2018, USA/Canada, D: Emily Kassie)
A child navigates the aftermath of sexual assault. Director in attendance.
@ Lightbox 12:00pm
Oct 20 The Mask Of Zorro (1998, USA/Germany/Mexico, D: Martin Campbell)   I Can Do That
A thief bent on revenge finds mentorship from an aging freedom fighter. Plus: a fencing demo from Bladeworks.
@ The Royal 12:30pm
Oct 20
Oct 23
Beetlejuice (1988, USA, D: Tim Burton)   Fox Flashback
Ghosts enlist an anarchic spirit to haunt the new residents of their home.
@ The Fox
Oct 20 Dr. Strangelove (1964, USA, D: Stanley Kubrick)
"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!" A payload of atomic weapons are headed straight for the Soviet Union in Kubrick's nuclear war comedy.
@ Cinesphere 4:30pm
Oct 20 The Bloody Brood (1959, Canada, D: Julian Roffman)
Beatniks in search of kicks turn to violence. An early example of Canuxploitation, now restored. Starring Peter Falk! Screening to mark UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. Peter Roffman and Jason Pichonsky in attendance!
@ Lightbox 5:30pm
Oct 20 Black Christmas (1974, Canada, D: Bob Clark)
Canada stalks sorority girls and invents the slasher flick.
@ The Fox 9:00pm
Oct 20 Final Destination (2000, USA, D: James Wong)   Allysin Chaynes Presents
Relentless death stalks those who have evaded its embrace. Boozy drag queen commentary provided by Allysin Chaynes.
@ The Royal 9:30pm
Oct 21
Oct 22
QT8: The First Eight (2019, USA, D: Tara Wood)
Over 21 years and 8 feature films, Quentin Tarantino makes his mark on cinema.
@ Cineplex
Oct 22 Mountaintop (2019, USA, D: Bernard Shakey)
Neil Young and Crazy Horse make a new record.
@ Cineplex
Oct 25
Oct 26
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, UK, D: Jim Sharman)
The venerable cult film and its live shadow cast Time Warp monthly.
@ Hot Docs
Oct 26 The Room (2003, USA, D: Tommy Wiseau)
The infamy. Bring spoons!
@ Carlton 11:00pm

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