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Oct 16
The King (UK/Hungary/Austria, D: David Michod, site)
Reluctant royal Timothee Chalamet returns to court to be crowned King Henry V.
City: Lightbox
Oct 17
The River You Step In (Canada, D: Jon Michaelson, site)
Reluctant royal Timothee Chalamet returns to court to be crowned King Henry V.
City: Grand Gerrard (Thu-Mon)
Oct 18
April In Autumn (Canada, D: Warren Sulatycky, site)
Old family secrets come to light when a prodigal daughter returns home to care for her mother.
City: Carlton
Ardab Mutiyaran (India, D: Manav Shah, site)
An independent-minded woman struggles with the constraints of marriage.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  By The Grace Of God (2018, D: France/Belgium, site)
Victims of abuse at the hands of the clergy fight a church intent on silence.
City: Canada Square
  The Captain (China, D: Andrew Lau, site)
A pilot must safely land his plane when its windshield shatters over Tibet. Based on a true story.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Markham    Mississauga    Richmond Hill
  Greener Grass (USA, D: Jocelyn DeBoer & Dawn Luebbe, site)
Denizens of a funhouse mirror approximation of suburbia passive-aggressively compete to be one with the group.
City: Lightbox
  Immortal Hero (Japan, D: Hiroshi Akabane, site)
A spiritualist spreads his wisdom to both family and the world.
City: Yonge & Dundas
  Jade Dynasty (China, D: Ching Siu-Tung, site)
The survivor of a massacre eventually turns on his saviours.
Suburbs: Markham
  Manoharam (India, D: Anvar Sadik, site)
A poster artist struggles to embrace modern technology.
Suburbs: York
  Parasite (South Korea, D: Bong Joon-ho, site)
A poor, unambitious family's fortunes become dependent on a family of wealthy benefactors.
City: Varsity
Oct 17
Britt-Marie Was Here (Sweden, D: Tuva Novotny, site)
An aging woman looking for new direction takes on the job of coaching children's soccer.
City: Regent (one show Fri-Mon,Wed,Thu)
Durj (Pakistan, D: Shamoon Abbasi, site)
The wife of a reporter investigates his disappearance.
Suburbs: York
  First Love (Japan, D: Takashi Miike, site)
A boxer and an addict meet-cute against the backdrop of a gang war.
City: Lightbox
  Harpoon (Canada, D: Rob Grant, site)
Truth is revealed when friends are stranded on a yacht with little food but plenty of alcohol.
City: Carlton
  Honeyland (Macedonia, D: Tamara Kotevska & Ljubomir Stefanov, site)
A female Macedonian beekeeper contends with the threat of intruders stealing her livelihood.
City: Hot Docs (no show Wed)
  The Laundromat (USA, D: Steven Soderbergh, site)
An investigation into denied insurance claims exposes tax evasion and money laundering. Based on the Panama Papers case.
City: Lightbox
  Lucky Day (France/Canada, D: Roger Avary, site)
A hitman bent on revenge chases a safe cracker fresh out of the clink.
City: Carlton
  Midsommar (USA, D: Ari Aster, site)
A relationship teetering on collapse enters the crucible of a pagan Swedish summer festival. From the director of Hereditary.
City: Scotiabank (director's cut)
  Ms Slavic 7 (Canada, D: Sofia Bohdanowicz & Deragh Campbell, site)
Correspondence between poets illuminates post-WWII life and the desire to create art.
City: Lightbox
  Namma Veettu Pillai (India, D: Pandiraj, site)
Tamil action comedy.
Suburbs: Woodside    York
  The Panti Sisters (Philippines, D: Jun Lana, site)
Three gay brothers are offered a hefty inheritance if they can produce their dying father a grandchild.
City: Canada Square
  Robbery (Canada, D: Corey Stanton, site)
A son with a gambling debt enlists his career-criminal father's expertise before his knowledge is lost to dementia.
City: Carlton
  Tara Mira (India, D: Rajiev Dhingra, site)
Punjabi romantic drama.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre
  12 Pups Of Christmas (USA, D: Michael Feifer, site)
A dog therapist's fresh start runs aground on the need for a dozen puppies to find new homes before Christmas Day.
City: Carlton
Oct 18
Ad Astra (USA, D: James Gray, site)
Astronaut Brad Pitt investigates the failed mission led by his father.
City: Canada Square    Carlton    Scotiabank
Suburbs: Mississauga    Queensway    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
The Battle Of Jangsari (South Korea, D: Kwak Kyung-taek, site)
During the Korean war, student soldiers are given a mission to distract from a real invasion taking place elsewhere.
City: Empress Walk
  Blinded By The Light (UK, D: Gurinder Chadha, site)
A Brit teen of Pakistani descent finds meaning in the music of Bruce Springsteen.
City: Kingsway (one show Mon,Wed only)
  Brittany Runs A Marathon (USA, D: Paul Downs Colaizzo, site)
A woman takes up running as a way to get her health and her life under control.
City: Scotiabank    Regent (one show Fri-Sun,Tue-Thu)
  The Climbers (China, D: Daniel Lee, site)
Chinese mountaineers scale Mount Everest. With Wu Jing and Zhang Ziyi.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Markham
  Dolce Fine Giornatta (Poland, D: Jacek Borcuch, site)
An poet experiences pushback when she makes a controversial speech.
City: Mt. Pleasant (one show Fri,Sun,Wed)    Lightbox (until Tue)
  Dolemite Is My Name (USA, D: Craig Brewer, site)
Rudy Ray Moore parlays his gift for patter into ghetto stardom. Starring Eddie Murphy.
City: Lightbox
  Dream Girl (India, D: Raaj Shaandilyaa, site)
A man attracts unwanted romantic attention when posing as a woman on a love line.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre
  The Farewell (USA, D: Lulu Wang, site)
A Chinese family keeps the impending death of their matriarch a secret as they gather to visit with her in her final days. With Awkwafina.
City: Carlton    Kingsway (one show daily)
  Fiddler: A Miracle Of Miracles (USA, D: Max Lewkowicz, site)
Smash Broadway musical Fiddler On The Roof finds its origins in an age of changing tradition.
City: Mt. Pleasant (one show Sat,Sun,Tue)
  Gemini Man (USA/China, D: Ang Lee, site)
Assassin Will Smith faces off against his own clone.
City: Carlton    Don Mills VIP (3D HFR)    Empress Walk (3D HFR)    Fairview    Market Square    Scotiabank    Yonge & Dundas    Yonge & Eglinton    Yorkdale
Suburbs: Beach (3D HFR)    Eglinton Town Centre    Elgin Mills    Markham    Mississauga    Morningside    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Scarborough    Woodbine    Vaughan (3D HFR)    Winston Churchill (3D HFR)
  The Goldfinch (USA, D: John Crowley, site)
A boy's loss of his mother in an art gallery bombing defines the trajectory of his life.
City: Kingsway (one show Sat,Tue,Thu)
  Human Nature (USA, D: Adam Bolt, site)
DNA manipulation technology opens up the possibility of designing humanity.
City: Kingsway
  Hustlers (USA, D: Lorene Scafaria, site)
Strippers bilk Wall Street.
City: Empress Walk    Fairview    Varsity    Yonge & Dundas    Yonge & Eglinton    Yorkdale
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Elgin Mills    Markham    Mississauga    Morningside    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Scarborough    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  Judy (UK, D: Rupert Goold, site)
Hollywood legend Judy Garland performs in London during the late years of her career.
City: Empress Walk    Scotiabank    Varsity    Yonge & Eglinton
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Winston Churchill
  Linda Ronstadt: The Sound Of My Voice (USA, D: Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman, site)
Reminiscences and performances reveal the '70s music icon.
City: Mt. Pleasant (one show Fri-Sun,Wed,Thu)
  Lucy In The Sky (USA, D: Noah Hawley, site)
Astronaut Lucy Cola has a hard time re-adjusting to the ordinary scale of earthbound life.
City: Canada Square
  Matthias & Maxime (Canada, D: Xavier Dolan, site)
Close male actor friends balk when a script calls for them to share a kiss.
City: Canada Square
  My People, My Country (China, D: Various, site)
The 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic Of China is commemorated with stories of citizens working for their nation.
City: Fairview    Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Markham    Mississauga    Richmond Hill
  Official Secrets (UK/USA, D: Gavin Hood, site)
British intelligence specialist Katharine Gun leaks a classified memo implicating the United States in an attempt to blackmail the UN into going to war.
City: Regent (one show Fri-Sun,Tue-Thu)
  Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (USA, D: Quentin Tarantino, site)
A downard-trending actor and his stunt double experience the cultural upheaval of 1969 Hollywood.
City: Canada Square (from Mon)    Carlton    Kingsway    Yonge & Dundas
  Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band (Canada/USA, D: Daniel Roher, site)
From backing Bob Dylan to achieving stardom on their own, The Band cut an influential swath through the music scene of the '60s and '70s.
City: Hot Docs
  The Peanut Butter Falcon (USA, D: Tyler Nilson & Michael Schwartz, site)
A man with Down Syndrome escapes his care facility to follow his dream of entering the wrestling ring.
City: Canada Square (from Mon)    Scotiabank
  The Sky Is Pink (India/UK/USA/Canada, D: Shonali Bose, site)
A couple's love spans a quarter century.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Albion    Eglinton Town Centre    Vaughan    Winston Churchill    York
  Sometimes Always Never (UK, D: Carl Hunter, site)
A tailor with a passion for Scrabble attempts to reconnect with his estranged son.
City: Carlton
  War (India, D: Siddharth Anand, site)
A soldier is given the task of eliminating his former teacher. Action ensues.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Albion    Eglinton Town Centre    Mississauga    Vaughan    Winston Churchill    York
  Where's My Roy Cohn? (USA, D: Matt Tyrnauer, site)
Political power broker Cohn takes a hand in creating demagogues from McCarthy to Trump.
City: Lightbox (until Tue)
  Yesterday (UK, D: Danny Boyle, site)
A struggling musician takes the opportunity of finding himself in a suddenly Beatles-less world to claim their classic songs as his own.
City: Canada Square    Kingsway (one show Fri,Tue only)

Compiled by Don Marks (contact)

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