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Dec 8
Chavela (USA/Mexico/Spain, D: Catherine Gund & Daresh Kyi, site)
The story of openly queer diva Chavela Vargas is revealed through interviews, performances and tributes.
City: Hot Docs
Darkest Hour (UK, D: Joe Wright, site)
UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) confronts the Nazi menace.
City: Varsity
  Dim The Fluorescents (Canada, D: Daniel Warth, site)
Financially struggling creatives take work as role-playing corporate trainers.
City: Carlton
  Fukrey Returns (India, D: Mrighdeep Lambda, site)
Four nobodies' big dreams run into collegiate mayhem.
City: Yonge & Dundas
  Haldaa (Bangladesh, D: Tauquir Ahmed, site)
Fishermen struggle to make a living along the banks of the Haldaa River.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre
  The Other Side Of Hope (Finland/Germany, D: Aki Kaurismaki, site)
A former salesman's new restaurant venture brings him into the orbit of a refugee looking for asylum.
City: Lightbox
  Pyewacket (Canada, D: Adam MacDonald, site)
A teen girl's dalliance with the occult awakes a force in the forest.
City: Yonge & Dundas
  Sat Shri Akal England (India, D: Vikram Pradhan, site)
An would-be immigrant seeks a marriage partner to secure him citizenship.
Suburbs: Mississauga    Winston Churchill
  The Shape Of Water (USA, D: Guillermo del Toro, site)
A cleaning woman develops a relationship with a creature being held by the government.
City: Varsity
  Unexpectedly Yours (Philippines, D: Cathy Garcia-Molina, site)
Old friends reconnect while planning their high school reunion.
City: Canada Square
Suburbs: Mississauga    Scarborough
  Wonder Wheel (USA, D: Woody Allen, site)
Lives reveal themselves at Coney Island circa 1950.
City: Varsity
Dec 7
Blade Of The Immortal (Japan, D: Takashi Miike, site)
A samurai cursed with immortality fights evil to regain his soul.
City: Carlton
The Dancer (France/Belgium/Czech Republic, D: Stephanie Di Giusto, site)
The originator of the Serpentine Dance dazzles Paris with her moves before a rival brings about her downfall.
City: Yonge & Dundas
  Firangi (India, D: Rajiv Dhingra, site)
Action, comedy, 1920.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Mississauga    Winston Churchill
  Gangster Land (USA, D: Timothy Woodward Jr., site)
'Machine Gun' Jack McGurn rises through the criminal ranks to become Al Capone's second-in-command.
City: Carlton
  The Ghost Bride (Phillipines, D: Chito S. Rono, site)
A woman is offered relief for her loved ones in exchange for taking part in a Ghost Wedding.
Suburbs: Scarborough
  The 19th Annual Animation Show Of Shows (Various, D: Various, site)
Brand spankin' new 'toons.
City: Carlton
  Suck It Up (Canada, D: Jordan Canning, site)
Best friends hit the road to mourn the death of the man they both loved.
City: Carlton
  Thelma (Norway/France/Denmark/Sweden, D: Joachim Trier, site)
A new university student contends with strong attraction to another student and the onset of supernatural powers.
Suburbs: Winston Churchill
  Wonderstruck (USA, D: Todd Haynes, site)
Children separated by 50 years search for the people missing from their lives.
City: Carlton    Regent (one show Fri,Sat,Tue-Thu)
Dec 8
Battle Of The Sexes (USA, D: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris, site)
Tennis stars Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs work out their personal problems in a televised grudge match.
City: Kingsway (one show Mon,Wed only)    Regent (one show Fri-Sun,Tue-Thu)
The Big Sick (USA, D: Michael Showalter, site)
An unexpected romance is complicated by one participant's traditional Muslim parents.
City: Mt. Pleasant (one show Sat only)
  Big Time (Denmark, D: Kaspar Astrup Schroder, site)
Star Architect Bjarke Ingels suffers health issues as he attempts to bring his latest project, an important NYC skyscraper, to fruition.
City: Yonge & Dundas
  Blade Runner 2049 (USA, D: Denis Villeneuve, site)
Replicant hunter Ryan Gosling's investigation leads him to a reclusive Harrison Ford.
City: Canada Square    Scotiabank
Suburbs: Morningside    Orion Gate    Queensway    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (USA, D: Alexandra Dean, site)
Infamous Hollywood starlet Lamarr invents the precursor to Wi-Fi to aid the war effort.
City: Mt. Pleasant (no show Mon,Wed)
  The Breadwinner (Ireland/Canada, D: Nora Twomey, site)
An Afghani girl passes herself off as a boy to earn a living for her family.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre
  Coco (USA, D: Lee Unkrich & Adrian Molina, site)
A boy travels to the Land of the Dead to uncover the story behind his family's hatred of music. From Pixar.
City: Carlton    Empress Walk    Fairview    Humber    Market Square    Yonge & Dundas (+IMAX)    Yonge & Eglinton    Yorkdale
Suburbs: Beach    Eglinton Town Centre (+IMAX)    Elgin Mills    Markham    Mississauga    Morningside    Orion Gate    Promenade    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Scarborough    Vaughan    Winston Churchill (+IMAX)    Woodbine
  The Disaster Artist (USA, D: James Franco, site)
Tommy Wiseau's dreams of Hollywood stardom fuel the creation of The Room, one of the worst films ever made.
City: Carlton    Scotiabank    Yonge & Dundas    Yonge & Eglinton    Yorkdale
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Mississauga    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Scarborough    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  Dunkirk (USA/UK, D: Christopher Nolan, site)
Surrounded soldiers are evacuated from the beach at Dunkirk, France.
City: Cinesphere 70mm IMAX (Fri-Sun)    Kingsway (one show Fri-Tue,Thu)    Regent (one show Fri-Sun,Tue,Thu)
  Explosion (China, D: Chang Zheng, site)
An explosives expert investigates the detonation that nearly took his life.
Suburbs: Markham
  Faces Places (France, D: Agnes Varda, site)
New Wave legend Varda hits the road with 30-something photographer JR to make large-scale portraits of ordinary townsolk.
City: Hot Docs (one show Mon only)    Kingsway (one show Fri,Sun,Tue,Thu)    Regent (one show Fri-Sun,Tue,Wed)
  The Florida Project (USA, D: Sean Baker, site)
Kids play while living on the margins near Disney World.
City: Yonge & Dundas
  God's Own Country (UK, D: Francis Lee, site)
A lonely Yorkshire farmer develops unexpected feelings for the new farmhand.
City: Carlton
  Goodbye Christopher Robin (UK, D: Simon Curtis, site)
Young Christopher Robin becomes something of a celebrity as his father's Winnie The Pooh books find an audience.
City: Kingsway (one show Sat,Mon,Wed only)
  Human Flow (Germany, D: Ai Weiwei, site)
The mass migration of displaced people is given visual expression.
City: Lightbox
  Jane (USA, D: Brett Morgen, site)
Noted anthropologist Jane Goodall lives with African chimpanzees, as captured by National Geographic on never-before-seen footage.
City: Hot Docs (one show Fri,Sun.Mon)
  The Killing Of A Sacred Deer (UK/Ireland, D: Yorgos Lanthimos, site)
A teen taken in by a suburban family threatens to upset their facade of perfection. From the director of Dogtooth and The Lobster.
City: Scotiabank
  Lady Bird (USA, D: Greta Gerwig, site)
Teen Saoirse Ronan experiences a turbulent relationship with her mother, who is like her in many ways.
City: Don Mills VIP    Empress Walk    Scotiabank    Varsity    Yonge & Eglinton
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Elgin Mills    Queensway    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  Last Flag Flying (USA, D: Richard Linklater, site)
Vietnam vets reunite to attend the funeral of their fellow soldier's son.
City: Scotiabank
  LBJ (USA, D: Rob Reiner, site)
Follow the life of President Lyndon B. Johnson.
City: Canada Square    Kingsway (one show Fri,Tue,Thu only)
  Loving Vincent (Poland/UK, D: Hugh Welchman & Dorota Kobiela, site)
The life of painter Vincent Van Gogh is recounted by way of oil-paint animation.
City: Canada Square    Lightbox
Suburbs: Winston Churchill
  The Man Who Invented Christmas (Ireland/Canada, D: Bharat Nalluri, site)
Charles Dickens is visited by the characters of A Christmas Carol as he writes.
City: Canada Square    Fairview    Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Mississauga    Morningside    Orion Gate    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  Mathilde (Russia, D: Aleksey Uchitel, site)
Ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya is romanced by the heir to the Russian throne.
Suburbs: Richmond Hill
  The Mountain Between Us (USA, D: Hany Abu-Assad, site)
Idris Elba and Kate Winslet cross rough terrain after surviving a plane crash.
City: Kingsway (one show Fri,Tue,Thu)
  My Friend Dahmer (USA, D: Marc Meyers, site)
Spend time with misfit teeen Dahmer before he became a notorious serial killer.
City: Carlton    Scotiabank
  Paradise (Russia/Germany, D: Andrey Konchalovskiy, site)
A resistance member, a collaborator and a German officer find their lives and emotions intertwined during WWII.
City: Kingsway (one show Mon,Wed only)
  Professor Marston & The Wonder Women (USA, D: Angela Robinson, site)
A psychologist creates the comic book character Wonder Woman while living in a polyamourous relationship.
City: Kingsway (one show Fri,Sun only)
  Radius (Canada, D: Caroline Labreche & Steeve Leonard, site)
An amnesiac brings instant death to anyone who comes close.
City: Scotiabank
  Roman J. Israel, Esq. (USA, D: Dan Gilroy, site)
A great, but unpresentable, legal mind finds himself at a crossroads when the firm he works for his dissolved. Starring Denzel Washington.
City: Canada Square    Carlton    Empress Walk    Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Morningside    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Scarborough    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  The Square (Sweden, D: Ruben Ostlund, site)
A museum curator suffers personal and professional indignities as he prepares to mount a new exhibition. From the director of Force Majeure.
City: Canada Square    Lightbox
  Sweet Virginia (Canada/USA, D: Jamie M. Dagg, site)
A young drifter sows violence in a remote Alaskan community.
City: Yonge & Dundas (one show Tue only)
  The Swindlers (South Korea, D: Jang Chang Won, site)
Criminals and a prosecutor joins forces to trap a con artist.
City: Empress Walk    Yonge & Dundas
  Thank You For Your Service (USA, D: Jason Hall, site)
Soldiers returning from Iraq continue to live with war on their minds.
City: Kingsway (one show Fri,Sun,Tue,Thu)
  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (UK/USA, D: Martin McDonagh, site)
Frances McDormand attempts to shame the local police into solving her dsughter's murder. From the director of In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths.
City: Don Mills VIP    Empress Walk    Varsity    Yonge & Dundas    Yonge & Eglinton
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  Viceroy's house (UK/India/Sweden, D: Gurinder Chadha, site)
The last Viceroy of India oversees the transition to independence as a cross-religion romance unfolds amongst his household staff.
City: Kingsway (one show Sat,Mon,Wed)    Mt. Pleasant (one show Sun only)
  Victoria And Abdul (UK/USA, D: Stephen Frears, site)
Judi Dench's Queen Victoria befriends an Indian clerk.
City: Canada Square    Kingsway
  Wexford Plaza (Canada, D: Joycw Wong, site)
An unexpected sexual encounter upsets the lives of a lonely security guard and a make-up salesman.
City: Carlton
  Wonder (USA, D: Stephen Chbosky, site)
A boy with facial abnormalities attends public school for the first time.
City: Carlton    Empress Walk    Fairview    Humber    Market Square    Yonge & Dundas    Yonge & Eglinton    Yorkdale
Suburbs: Beach    Eglinton Town Centre    Elgin Mills    Markham    Mississauga    Morningside    Orion Gate    Promenade    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Scarborough    Vaughan    Winston Churchill    Woodbine

Compiled by Don Marks (contact)

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